My Wedding Journey 10 - Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gifts - Sweet Bunny

I have always felt that it is important to convey to others on how much you appreciate them. It is easy to overlook and take for granted the little things people do for you. In appreciation for all the help my Groomsmen and Bridesmaid have provided dear and myself, I prepared a token of appreciation for both groups. I know bridesmaid proposals are on the rage these days but one must not forget the awesome Groomsmen. No need la men no need to be pampered like girls, you might say; but to me, a little gesture of thanks had never hurt anyone has it?

Dear and I arrange different dates to meet up with our Groomsmen and Bridesmaid separately for a guy’s afternoon out and for me a Hens party arranged by one of my Bridesmaid, I felt that was the most appropriate occasion to pass them their gifts. I spent quite a number of days deciding on what would be best as gifts for them and finally decided on shot glasses for the guys as mementoes and a gift bag for the ladies.

If you ever asked me where I love shopping for unique gifts I would instantly tell you Etsy. It is the best platform to get handcrafted, delicately made items and what more in a way you are supporting a small business of the arts community.

Best Groomsmen’s gifts on Etsy – The shot glasses got for the guys were from this shop One19stationery, the seller was very attentive and write me a couple of messages about my preferences on how the names should appear. The boxes she provided had all been specially customised for the Groomsmen with their names. What I loved most were the tiny tuxedos that were meant to be stuck on to vodka bottled, just adorable. Shipping took about a week or so and everything was well-packed nothing arrived broken or squashed. 

vodka bottle

groomsmen gifts idea

                                                         groom  shot glass

Groomsmen Meetup

Best affordable and useful Bridesmaid gifts – In the gift bag for my bridesmaids, I prepared a pink robe with the sister of the bride written on it, I got it via Taobao. I totally regretted not ironing or steamed them haha they came all wrinkled. I also added in facemask from Innisfree, A sewing kit, plasters for blisters, makeup remover, a full set of nail cutters and files and much other stuff the ladies would need for the actual day.

My Bridesmaids and Groomsmen are all wonderful helpful people. The Groomsmen are fathers of young children and one is a father to be, to take an entire day off to assist dear and I on our wedding day meant the world to us. One of my bridesmaids who worked on Saturday even took the day off a year in advance. Dear and I treated them to a nice meal on another occasion, Always remember to be a blessing to others as they have been to you. One of the Groomsmen mentioned that he wished he gave his Groomsmen a gift during his wedding; he was deeply touched that I took the time and made the effort to show my appreciation.

My Wedding Journey 9 - Where to get beautiful and affordable wedding invitations - Sweet Bunny

When it was time to get the wedding invitations done, I had a dilemma I could either save cost and use the Invitations provided by the hotel’s vendor or spend a sum to get a nicer non-traditional invitation made. I went with the latter because having a church wedding meant that I would need 2 invitations for 2 different venues.

I wasn’t satisfied with the invitation cards the hotel provided and the fact of adding an additional simple graphic would cost me $10. I felt it was very templated and I wasn’t too crazy about a super red invitation although it was cultural and auspicious.

Printing wedding mass booklets - I began my search online and contacted a few local artist and vendors the price range was usually $1000.00 for 300 cards plus design work. Some companies don’t even bother replying my enquiry while others patiently answer my questions. I also approached a printing shop named Print and Repair, they introduced me to where there were many beautiful designs that you could use for free with their watermark behind the card. I used this site for the covers of my church booklets for a fee of $30.00 the alignments of the text were adjusted by page for me the total cost of 70 booklets was only $121.00 with glossy paper. They even sent me a video clip of the completed booklet being flipped to check if all was in order. I highly recommend for their excellent service and quality printing.

Mass Booklet

Affordable wedding invitation card from China - Sorry, I seem to have gone off track with my church booklet; anyway I decided to print my invitations in china. was the website that I used; it was excellent that they were able to type my invitations in mandarin. My mother in law helped us write on red paper the invitation details in mandarin as I was not able to haha. My English is much better than my Mandarin. All I had to do with send Doris, the map and other details and she sends me the artwork for corrections. This process took a week and I received my cards a week later. Doris was very persistent in ensuring I gave her the best quality map so that my invitations would be printed out nicely. I would defiantly give her and her team an A for initiative and customer service. She even took a video of her staff packing the card to ensure they did not miss out on anything and always double-checking with me on the colours I wanted. Being a finicky person I do tend to change my mind a few times, they were very obliging. 

Doris House Card Website
Doris House Cards

Doris Home Card  Invitation card

Chinese and english invitation
The package I received from China

I was given Envelopes, stickers, ribbons and 3 printed sheets for the invitations to slot into the card; I found the invitation beautiful and nonconventional. It came in lovely burgundy flowers and a pink envelope. Yes… my relatives advised me to stick with the colour red but at least it was not in a shocking red colour. The invitation was printed on semi sparkly paper adding a touch of glisten to the card. They even provided double-sided tape for me to stick the invitation on the side of the open card. What I love most was the option to slot in the church invitation slip for guest who I would be inviting to my wedding ceremony. I also liked the fact that they gave you the flexibility to add additional pages like for my church invitation slipped I wanted it to have blue flowers instead of the red ones which came in the burgundy set.

I highly recommend Doris Home as a wedding supplier for invitation cards, image, all in all, it only cost me SGD $450.00, inclusive of the envelopes which some vendors don’t even provide.

My Wedding Journey 8 - Our Catholic Church Wedding - Sweet Bunny

Church of St Vincent De Paul

I am Catholic and dear isn't so we had a discussion and he agreed with getting married at church. He knew my religion was very important to me and had always been very supportive and respectful about it. It is always important to know how your other half feels communication is indeed the key. 

In order to get married in a Catholic Church, one person has to be Catholic, either the wife or the husband. It is also compulsory to complete a weekend of Catholic Engaged Encounter or Marriage Preparation Course over 6 weeks. Being mentally and spiritually prepared before uniting as one is paramount for a successful marriage after all weddings are for a day but a marriage is for a lifetime.

Dear and I opted to go for the Catholic Engaged Encounter at the marriage encounter house in Punggol, we booked a place a year in advance as the course was very popular and is almost always fully booked. Going for the course 6 months before your wedding day is recommended. My dad assisted me with writing a cheque as he wanted to give the course to us as part of his wedding gift. I mailed the deposit to the address given by Engaged Encounter office via email.

During the camp, we were advised not to share our experiences explicitly as it is for the benefit of other couples who will be attending CEE, so I will just briefly state that it was a very memorable weekend for me as dear and I spilt our hearts out and shared our thoughts and expectations of each other.

In a nutshell, the course was very thorough and informative. I reflected on my faith and it gave dear a better understanding of the catholic view on marriage. I, in turn, have learned that the marriage dear and I have is a non-sacramental natural marriage and that the promise we make to each other and to god is beyond just a legal marriage but a spiritual one as we are a sign of God's love for his church, therefore, we should make God the centre of our relationship.

Before the camp, I was fearful about what my roommate would be like I know this should be the least of my worries but spending 2 evenings sharing a room with a complete stranger was scary to me. What amazes me was our roommates were very similar to us. Ladies stayed on one level of the building while gentleman on another.

engage encounter

My roommate turned out to be a very nice lady we became friends and still keep in touch till this day the best part is our wedding dates were only a week apart. For dear, his roommate turned out to be a friend of a friend from university who is Catholic. God does work in mysterious ways and always blesses us and provides us with what we need and can handle.

On our Wedding Day at Church – There were butterflies in my tummy throughout the whole morning before the wedding service. I could tell dear was nervous too by the way he held my hand.

My bridesmaids and the ring bearer, walked down the aisle first followed by Daddy and me. He was impatient as usual asking me why I was walking so slowly he quickens up the pace down the aisle before handing dear my hand, perhaps he was nervous too.

groomsmen and bridesmaid
One Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

Bride and father of the bride
Dad walking me down the aisle

The choir sang beautifully. My sisters were the lectors while my mom in law and dad were our witnesses. Dear’s groomsman were all very supportive and helpful and did their best even this being the first catholic wedding that they attended. We said our vows and were man and wife.

bride and groom

bride and groom offering flowers to mother mary
Offering flowers to Mother Mary

bride and groom at church

I really have to thank my sisters and the Parish Secretary Gerard for helping me to organise the wedding, from booking the date and time and the venues to arranging the church florist and mass booklets. Gerard guided me throughout the entire event with so much kindness, patients and helpfulness. Father Eugene as well for being my celebrant and for always being so kind, patient, understanding and so filled with reverence guiding us on how the service should go and correcting the mass booklet to perfection.

family with rom cert

The ceremony went smoothly ending with photo taking with family and friends and catered lunch in the canteen. I am glad that our wedding day turned out as planned in a simple and modest way reaching a milestone of our lives together.

My Wedding Journey 7 - Prewedding Shoot with Cang Ai in Singapore - Sweet Bunny

Pre-wedding shoot gowns and suit - The final fitting of my gowns and dear's suits for our pre-wedding photography was done a couple of days before to ensure that everything fitted well. I had lost a couple of inches and a quick of adjustment had to be done. Xiao Ting also assigned my make-up artist to me, Christine Tan who contacted me the same evening via WhatsApp. Xiao Ting also took note on what kind of feel we would like for our photos, props to be used etc. She asked us a series of questions and I just told her we wanted a very simple photoshoot, filled with nature. 

On the day of my pre-wedding shoot, it rained very heavily. Naturally dear and I was pretty upset but the show had to go on... With the help of my younger sister, we had a very eventful day. 

Professional Bridal makeup and hairstylist -Although I wasn't given any trial make-up session, my makeup artist was Christine Tan; I cannot express how thankful I am to her. She began the morning session by asking a couple of questions and gauges the kind of style that would suit you. We paid extra for her to accompany us out throughout the day, it was totally worth it. She went above and beyond her duty, showed me on ways to pose, and adjusted my gown for me as well as assisting the photographer when needed. She is a very kind lady and I like that my makeup turned out very natural. Very experienced and dedicated in her craft. She wanted to give dear a Korean look, haha and I would say she did a pretty good job.


bridal make up process

pre wedding shoot couple

Pre-wedding photographer from Cang Ai Wedding - Mr Nian, a gentleman from Taiwan was my photographer, he speaks mostly in mandarin and a couple of English phrases here and there when I couldn't understand what I was supposed to do ha-ha. He was very friendly and professional; you could tell that he was having a good time as he cracked a couple of jokes or chit-chatted with us on our transport. Most importantly the photos that he took were all very natural nothing too posed, exactly what I wanted.

 Due to the heavy downpour, we opted to do our studio shoots first, the 3 story shophouse had many props, and we had to go to 2 different levels for different backgrounds and furniture. Christine helped me changed into different gowns. She also styled dear's hair and ensured his suit was neat. 

Getting Transport for your pre-wedding shoot – Xiao Ting arranged Transport for us but due to a heavy downpour, she cancelled it to help us save cost, I wonder how much cost that would be. We ended up getting Grab cabs as and when we needed for the 2 reminding venues.

Both my venues were outdoors, a cafe near the shop and the gardens by the bay were suggested to me due to the weather but I insisted on the venues I had chosen. I was glad we stuck to our choices because the rain did subside towards the evening, our photos turn out very natural and beautiful. Our guest at the wedding thought that we travelled overseas for our shoot, a huge unexpected bonus.


toa payoh park prewedding shoot

pre wedding shoot with umbrella