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My father passed in August this year, I felt very blessed to have taken photos and videos with him on my wedding day. Watching and looking at the photographs of him do bring on tears at times but it was a good way to have a little memento of him being around to walk down the aisle with me. 

father and bride

Invest in a professional and affordable videographer and photographer - I wanted a no-frills wedding photography service that might not have aerial drone photography a whole entire team etc. What was most essential is a non- earthquake videographer who won’t lose all the precious moments captured and a photographer who take various beautiful photos even in the dim lights of the wedding banquet. I found all that with Simon Video & Photo Service

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It was the day before polling day 2019; my father was worried about how he would be able to walk downstairs to vote as he was very weak and barely able to walk short distances without feeling breathless. I suggested the purchase of a wheelchair for him, he was worried about the cost but when I did a quick google on the pricing and informed him that it would cost less than $200.00 he was ecstatic.

It was late afternoon by the time we decided to purchase the wheelchair, we needed the chair by that evening for him to use in the morning. Most of the companies I approached have a cut off timing of 5pm for same-day deliveries and weren’t very helpful when I shared about my situation. My father had always been a strong individual with a fighting spirit he would refuse the idea of using the wheelchair for decades but due to the sudden deterioration of his heath, he knew that he would need the chair if he wanted to head out.

Where to get a foldable wheelchair in Singapore- My last resort was to look for a second-hand wheelchair, to my relief, there were brand new ones available on Carousell. I contacted a seller by the name of keeper_of_darkness05. Although his username may sound a bit on the scary side he was very helpful, kind and meticulous. He asked about the weight of the users and after I explained that I needed the chair in the hurry he arranged for courier delivery for me and even gave my father a free walking stick. My father and I paid for the chair and the delivery charges and by late evening relieved the chair. The seller even sent me videos on how to open and close the chair and cautioned me not to fold down the top as I might not be able to place it back securely for my father. I couldn’t thank the seller enough for going out of his way to help us out. He was out but somehow managed to get a relative to help with the arrangements.

The wheelchair was lightweight and easy to fold and keep away, it was also sturdy and a breeze to push around. The most important part to remember is to release the breaks before you move and so the person does not get thrown off the chair and to lock the breaks when they embark so the chair does slide away. Make sure their feet are firmly on the footrest before you move. 

Light weight fordable wheel chair

foldable wheelchair

My father used the chair for a handful of events, a check-up with a physiotherapist, a trip to the barber and to the park and under the block to watch the rain with my sister and me before he passed on in August last year. Kindness is never wasted, every bit counts and you never know how much it meant to the person who benefits for that one act of kindness.

My Wedding Journey 18 - Where to get affordable and classy bridesmaid dresses in Singapore - Sweet Bunny

When it came to bridesmaid dresses the movie 27 dresses starring Katherine Heigl come to mind. Seeing her being tortured in the colourful array of dresses she had to wear made me cringe however you have to applaud the Heigl’s character, Jane for her commitment in helping others on their big day.

girls out shopping

I didn’t want to be a bridezilla; I wanted my bridesmaids to be comfortable as they help me with the day’s events.

Why should we buy practical bridesmaid dresses - Being a practical and thrifty individual; I felt that the bridesmaid's dresses should be reusable for daily life. Not for a one-day event after which the dress would be stored and eventually thrown away. I always try my best to avoid the fast fashion trend because it pollutes the earth.

Where to find bridesmaid dresses in Singapore- our first destination was Funan Mall, where there are Love Bonito and a couple of other blog shops. Unfortunately, nothing in season matched our criteria. I chanced upon The BMD store which has a pleasant selection of bridesmaid dresses, as they were available at The showcase store in Tampines the ladies and I went down one evening to try out their collection.

The Showcase is a retail stall based in Nex Mall at Serangoon and Century Mall at Tampines, it is a physical store for a couple of blog shops in Singapore.

The ladies tried on a couple of dresses but due to their petite size, most dresses looked frumpy. The shop personnel a very nice middle-aged lady was very patient and kind to us, she saw that I was carrying a huge bundle of church booklets and suggested that she kept it at the counter for me while we tried on the dresses. We left the shop once because we couldn't find anything we liked but returned because we felt bad that we spend 2 hours in the store and had not purchased anything. We went back in search for work wear when....

                                bridesmaid dress the showcase

bridesmaid or ballerina dress

blue bridesmaid dress

I found the perfect dress. The dress was from Neomello, it was sophisticated the right size for the ladies and right length.

We wanted to have different coloured dresses, unfortunately, one of the coloured dress didn’t have the size we required, the shop personnel assisted with checking at the other branch and even with the blog shop it was sold out. She suggested we stick to one colour for the dress instead as she said since I only had 2 bridesmaids it would look more uniform. Unless there is a whole group of girls a mixture of colour would be better. It totally made sense. Hurray one task down. We have procured the bridesmaid dresses. 

I couldn’t thank the shop assistant enough, I would definitely patronise the Tampines branch more often. The best part was the ladies could use the dress again for dinner parties for another evening event, they even joked with each other to remember not to twin each other for the same event on another occasion.

I suggested the ladies don shawls at church for a more conservative look. During my experience as a bridesmaid, a relative of the bride configures my shawl it into a nifty jacket. Indeed when you lend a helping hand to other you are blessed in other ways. The best part was the bridesmaid dresses matched the groom's suit, it was unintentional but everything all fell in place with god's grace.

bridesmaid and grooms man bridal party

My Wedding Journey 17 - Hen Party JEN Singapore Tanglin by Shangri-La and Bridesmaid dress shopping - Sweet Bunny

My maid of honour treated me to a staycation at JEN Singapore Tanglin by Shangri-La. We had a good relaxing time catching up and hanging out at the pool, pretending to live the Tai Tai lifestyle. 
Hen Party

slumber party girls in robes

Best hotel for a bridal staycation in Singapore –stayed in the Club Room which had a mini kitchen equipped with bright yellow SMEG fridge and a microwave. I love the fact that the room is divided with a sliding door separating the sleeping areas from the living room/pantry. Although there isn’t a balcony I felt that the room was cosy enough as it was tastefully decorated.

yellow smeg fridge
Clubroom Lounge Tangling

Jen Tanglin pool

· The best Club lounge in Singapore at JEN Singapore Tanglin by Shangri-La – Located on the 17 floor open daily from 6:00am to 10:00pm, the clubhouse is accessible with our room’s key and Entry to the lounge is only permitted for guest staying in the suites or clubrooms. There is a very nice view of the Tanglin district; most notable would be the Tourism Court building. Food is provided with all day, 6:30am to 11:00am for breakfast, free-flow wine, beer and Cocktails and canapes from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, My party and I decided not to go out for dinner but to spend a cosy evening at the lounge the food provided was delicious and adequate enough for a hearty meal, local dishes and chicken wings were served in the evening. Be spoiled for choice when it comes to beverages, complimentary all-day coffee, tea, bottled juices, and canned drinks. The staffs at the lounge were always very polite and consistently offered refills for our drinks or checked if we required anything it a very delightful and comforting experience.

JEN Singapore Tanglin by Shangri-La  club lounge

JEN Singapore Tanglin by Shangri-La  club lounge

Best Buffet Breakfast at J65 Restaurant for a full breakfast buffet – the next day before the end of our stay we headed down to J65 Restaurant for a delightful breakfast buffet, there was a wide range of Indian, Chinese as well as western breakfast being served. What was most memorable about the establishment to me was not only the delicious food but also the warm and friendly staff. The chef preparing out omelettes smiled and cracked a couple of jokes with us. His cheery ways was indeed a delightful way to begin your day.

                                   J65 Restaurant

Balloons for a wedding hen party - In addition, my maid of honour decorated our room with balloons and even bought me a bouquet of roses. I was very touched that she placed so much effort in organising this staycation on top of helping me coordinate my wedding.

Bride to be with balloons

Goodies bags for bridesmaids – I prepared a goodies bag for my bridesmaid, more details are written in this post. I also purchased robes from Tao bao for them, wished I had the time to iron the robes, it would have looked much better without the wrinkles. My dear friend and sister were as written on the robes my sister because I knew I could always count on them through thick and thin to weather any storm. 

Bride and birdesmaids

A hen party need not be a crazy night out in the town, catching up with the girls and watching a movie could also be as enjoyable.

My stay was in September 2019, apologies for the very delayed post.

Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore
1A Cuscaden Road, 249716, Singapore
Contact: +65 6738-2222

Best Mucota colouring and mucota Infinia 3 step repair treatment at Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing - Sweet Bunny

The black the root of my hair has grown out and for months I haven’t had the time to touch-up my hair. I always seek Ken from Kudos by headlines hairdressing whenever I needed to get my hair taken care off, He is very dedicated in his craft and had been on course in London and Japan. I have known Ken for about 4 years now. He has always resided in Chinatown a place which is very convenient to get to thanks to the MRT station.

Kudos by headline hairdressing

The best Japanese Hair dye Mucota Colour – Mucota colour is very versatile it has a range of 93 colours and is able to achieve many different tones and shades. The best part about this hair dye is it is long-lasting and doesn’t fade as much as other brands do over time. I actually wanted to return to my natural hair colour of black but Ken advised me that it is too dark and a darker shade of brown would look more natural. 

Mucota hair treatment

Maintaining your hair colour – To ensure that your colour job last longer, please wait for a day to allow the colour to set before washing your hair, also use shampoos and conditioners meant for coloured hair.
The Best Japanese Hair Treatment after dying your hair Mucota Infinia 3step repair treatment – It is important to get the treatment done right after you have dyed your hair to prevent over-drying or fizziness. Mucota Infina treatment repairs hair cuticles layers which in turn allows hair to retain the treatment molecules. What I like about this treatment is the fact that it is lightweight and doesn’t weigh down my hair. It also works on a wide range of hair from healthy hair, bleached hair and even fine thin hair which Caucasian ladies usually have. Mucota Infina consists of amino acids such as PPT and CMC which replenish proteins within the hair to strengthen the hair from within.

                                   s curl mucota dye hair
I highly recommend Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing because of its covenant location, cosy salon with its sleek beautifully designed scandustrial inspired interiors and of course because of its excellent stylist. Gary Lee the salon director is a highly respected stylist in this industry he with a mountain of experience and is the ambassador for Mucota products in Singapore. He is also a Mucota products educator who guides and teaches his staff on the latest and best techniques. Rest assured that you are in good hands at this hair salon. If you have the need to get your hair done do not hesitate to try out Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing

 Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing 

531 Upper Cross St, #02-08 HONGLIM COMPLEX, Singapore 050531