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How I fixed my thinning hair, Ginvera Olive Oil For Hair Growth And Benefits - Sweet bunny

Earlier this year as I was seated at my desk a colleague mention to me that my hair parting was getting very thick with further observation I noticed while looking in the mirror at home that I had a bald spot right in the crown of my head. Was I balding, I asked myself with dismay?

Ginvera Olive Oil great for hair growth

Thinking back, I find it quite funny that it was what lead me to use olive oil in the first place it was not my hair I using it for it was my forehead. Cooking olive mixed with aloe vera all of all things, well at least it did smell good but I had an army of pimples the next day on my forehead…

After the whole charade with the cooking olive oil, I happen to be at Supermarket’s skincare section. There a place on the shelf within my arm’s reach was a bottle of Ginvera Bio-Pure Olive Oil 150ml. I thought to myself what the hell and grabbed a bottle to try my luck with reducing the lines on my forehead, the product did indicate that it could be used as make-up removed and cleans the skin without drying it out.

The oil in Ginvera Pure Olive Oil is formulated with pure, olives from Spain where the weather is the optimal climate for the growth of olives. The extra virgin oil is very nourishing and has an anti-ageing benefit to the skin. With a non-greasy formula, it is quickly absorbed by your hair and skin. It also works well as a makeup remover leaving the skin clean and moisturised.

Using Olive oil for hair growth and benefits – Ginvera Pure Olive Oil is also a natural conditioner that helps to promote healthier and stronger hair. Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties contains a modest amount of vitamin k and e as well as antioxidants. It is said to prevent greying hair treat dry and dull hair and prevent split ends.

Effects of using olive oil on hair for a few weeks- After soaking my hair and scalp in olive oil once a week for a few minutes, I noticed that my hair started to grow back, my “bald patch” was smaller. It relieve my scalp from feeling itchy perhaps because my scalps was dry and needed the olive oil to revitalise its condition. The best part is I need not worry if any oil trickles onto my face as it can also be used as a makeup remover. I am glad to report there weren’t any pimples popping up on my face while using this product, phew.

                                 receding parting  hair and hari growing back

I am still amazed that such a simple and affordable product can be used in so many ways, I heard it can even be used as a massage oil as an emollient that prevents friction during massages while moisturising the skin. Some even use it on a baby’s skin. The Ginvera oil range also comes in many different formulas, pure olive oil, Lite Beauty, green tea, extra virgin oil, olive coconut oil, and olive argan oil. I can’t wait to try the other from the range of olive oils and reap the benefits from each of these specially formulated oils for glowing skin and healthy hair.


  1. That's amazing how well olive oil has worked on your hair regrowth - it just goes to show that Nature knows best, despite all the technological and chemical advances in the beauty world!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I didn't know that olive oil had so many benefits and it has worked really well on your hair regrowth!
    Julia x

  3. The oil seems very effective. It is the origin and process that would make it effective I believe. Glad it worked for you. Like the review. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

  4. Oh wow that's awesome the olive oil helped with your hair growth! It's also nice that it can be used to clean & moisturize the skin!

  5. this looks like a great product! glad that it words for you!