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Starting 2022 with a Monthly Planner from Thelazeco- Sweet bunny

As the New Year approaches, it was time to prepare for the New Year by getting calendars and planners, I always look forward to getting a new planner because the fresh clean new pages make me feel like I have a clean slate, a fresh start full of hope for a meaningful year.


There are many assortments of Planners available these days, sometimes one may question which one is really the best? It is not a matter of the best but rather which one would be most suitable for you personally. I have gone through many planners over the years and had always stopped using them halfway leaving many wasted pages.

How to pick the perfect planner that is best for you- You have to experiment and have the discipline to actually use one, there is no point in writing everything down and not referring to it. After using a planner a couple of times you would find out what your style is. In my case, I prefer a monthly page. I prefer writing the main event of the day and listing down tasks that need to be done in a to-do list, quick and snappy.

Questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a planner –
  • Do you need a space to keep track of events and appointments?
  • Would you prefer to plan in a weekly or monthly format?
  • Do you need something portable to bring around with you or just one you like to keep at home?
  • Would you like a colourful planner with stickers or a minimalist planner.

After watching the Motel Makeover on Netflix, I caught the craze for terrazzo patterns so I went in search on Shoppe for one, I was glad I did so because my search lead me to find Thelazeco customised planners.

The A5 planner created by Thelazeco is exactly what I needed, I opted to only have the monthly pages for a monthly overview of the year. I plan to bring along this compact planner with me as it is compact and light. Choosing a layout that matches your style is important as you would be more comfortable using your planner and more likely to continue to use it for the whole year.

I really like how well thought and put together this hand-stitched booklet styled planner is.
It has a Soft Cover which is made with 250gsm Gloss Cardstock and the inner pages are text paper with 100gsm Off-White Paper which is clearly printed and neatly designed.

What is truly amazing about it is it is customisable. You are able to build your very own planner, the options are to have monthly and weekly pages, Monthly planner 2022 with Singapore Holidays indicated, notebook grid, notebook lined.

lazeco planner page

lazeco planner page

Another cool customisation the store offers is the printing of your name on the cover which is a very nice touch if you plan to give the planner as a gift. a plastic cover can also be purchased to protect your planner from bending or from getting dirty.

thelazeco on shopee Pink Terrazzo planner

Thelazeco is a local artist in Singapore who has an adorable range of Custom Planner, Notebook, Stickers and Cards. I really like her adorable illustrations of animals and food items, they are well-drawn and amusing. Please lend your support to this home-based art business.

JL Heart Jade Earrings a symbol of a niece's love - Sweet bunny

Family is the one constant element in life- my dearest aunt has always been there for my family and me. She always brought so much love and laughter to our lives with her generous and loving ways. My late father had always spoken about his elder sister with so much admiration and respect. Ever since we were kids, my aunt often took the time to take my sister and me for an outing at a shopping mall to spend an afternoon with her. She would treat us to lunch and shower us with gifts. Never has she turned a listening ear or us away when we needed motherly advice. The greatest treat was listening to her stories about her work life and career. My aunt has truly inspired me to always better myself and to be strong in times of difficulty

How to show your appreciation to your Aunts- the most valuable thing you could give your relatives is your time and attention. Speaking of attention, try to remember what they said that they likes for my case it was my aunt mentioning that she loved jade. My sister and I decided to get a pair of Jade earrings for my aunt’s birthday.


Hubby and I purchased a pair of earrings for my sister for her birthday earlier this year and it so happens that my aunt and my birthdays both fall in the same month. I was having trouble selecting the perfect pair of earrings for my aunt until Hubby suggested I get the same design he chose for my sister making it a set of three pairs of matching earrings just in different colours. That was indeed a brilliant idea, a pair of jade earrings for the women in my family that I treasure.

I invited the owner of JL Heart, Juat Li to share about her store and what inspires her to create these lovely pieces of jewellery.

It’s not just jewellery, it’s life.

To me, jewellery is not just for making you look lovely. It’s a way for you to express yourself.

Many of us get jewellery to commemorate special moments in life. I’ve made jewellery for weddings, births, graduations, birthdays and so much more.

Every time we put on that particular piece of jewellery, it brings back the happy moments. And that is exactly why I’m hooked on JL Heart.

Whenever I make jewellery for you and hear about your life stories or see your lovely photos, it adds meaning to my work and fuels me much more than my corporate career.

Thank you, Eveclair, for giving me the chance to make these Swirling Leaves Jade Earrings for you, and I hope they get to go through life’s precious moments with you.

Swirling Leaves Jade Earrings
Swirling Leaves Jade Earrings

Thank you Juat Li for sharing, thank you for creating such lovely works of art that my family will always treasure.

Create a gift wrapping station for your home- Sweet bunny

In the centre of my living room, my interior designer Hosen installed a built-in cabinet during our BTO home renovation, it was meant for shoes but I did not like the idea of keeping shoes too close to our family altar out of respect. Thankfully, the shelves were adjustable and I rearranged it to create a space to store, the commonly used items my family often reach for, my bags and for as well as a gift-wrapping station.

living room cabinet

messy cabinet  with wrapping paper and home supplies

Pegboard Alternative: using Ikea SVENSÅS Memo board - I had originally purchased two magnetic boards from Ikea for our study but never got to hang the boards up as I didn’t use the space that was meant to be my desk and so the boards just lay forgotten in our laundry yard for a couple of months. About the same time, the mess in my cabinet has been bugging me the clutter of wrapping paper and household accessories was just a hindrance of stuff toppling off the shelves at times and impossible to find what we needed. To resolve this issue I decided to put up the memo boards in my cabinet, amazingly it sucks well with Bostik Original Blu-Tack, I had always preferred the original as it was always strong enough and can come off cleanly when required to. Magnetic boards make a great alternative to Pegboards because you don’t have to place items in a very fixed manner and magnetic boards can be placed almost anywhere without worrying that hooks and attachments fall off, magnets are really strong easily found and more affordable.

Ikea SVENSÅS Memo board as a pegboard

Daiso hack for hanging your wrapping paper - Most of the DIY solutions for hanging wrapping paper uses a curtain rod, which I initially wanted to do but I often switch up the way I organise my home and did not want any permanent fixtures. After much consideration and wondering around Daiso an idea struck me, two of the semi-round basket with thin magnet used together placed on their sides is able to hold on to the wrapping paper regardless of length. 

semi-round basket with thin magnet back
semi-round basket with thin magnet front

sticking can case daiso

reuse ribbons

Reusing gift bags, wrapping paper and ribbons- The holders are able to hold up about three wrapping papers together, which is sufficient for me, as I do not usually buy many sheets at a time, most of the ones I have were given to me as a freebie from stores. 

I used these holders on the right side up to store wrapping papers from gifts that I receive that are still in good condition to reuse for future events,I also use the holders for items that my household uses. 

I have the habit of keeping ribbons for products I purchased or received as gifts and store them in a sticking can case from Daiso, I believe you can find these in IKEA as well GRUNDTAL Container, stainless steel in a better quality form but for ribbons, I think the Daiso will Suffice.

giftwrapping station with daiso and ikea stuff

On the shelf, I used stackable containers from Daiso to keep greeting cards for all occasions and red packets for the lunar new year and stickers that I have collected over the years. Along with other commonly used items that my family always asked me for such as a nail clipper, which is impossible to keep in a bathroom due to Singapore’s humid climate where things can easily rust.

I was very satisfied with this arrangement because it saves my family time from sorting and searching for items that we need at a snap of the finger we can just get what we need and be on our way. As long as we have the discipline to keep the items in their proper “homes” we would always be able to find what we need when we need it.

Merry Christmas everyone and a blessed New year ahead! I hope my post will inspire you to create your very own gift-wrapping station.


An afternoon with the Chow Chows at Chow Cute Cafe - Sweet bunny


Throwback to Deepavali when it was a public holiday, dear and I made a date to go to Chow Cute Cafe together. It is unbelievable that we have not been out for a meal together since covid19 started and it felt refreshing to head to Seletar Air Base to get some fresh air and spend the day with adorable dogs. An advance booking has to be made on their website to avoid disappointment, so I booked an afternoon slot about a week before. 

Our journey to Seletar Air Base was just a bus ride away; we reached the area within 30 minutes. Making our way to the cafe from the bus stop was a breeze just a 10-minute walk. I really adore the quaint colonial houses in Seletar airbase makes one feel like you have entered another realm into the charming countryside.

Chow Cute Cafe

I really liked the look of the exterior of the café; it had a very elegant feel to it. You may choose to have your meals al fresco on the lovely patio furniture or indoors. 

Cute Chow Chow from Chow cute cafe

Our experience at Chow Cute Café was an overall review - Greeting us at the front door was an adorable older brownish-black Chow Chow. It is no surprise because Chow Chow has a history of being guard dogs to livestock and homes, untrained Chow Chows tend to be more on the aloof side and aggressive with strangers and other dogs but I am glad to report that all the Chow Chows at Chow Cute Café are well trained and friendly. The younger pups tend to be more cheeky and playful while the older ones are calmer and mellow perfect for children because they would sit around and allow a child to pet them.

Brown Chow Chow

 I truly enjoy seeing that the dogs would light up with delight each time they spotted their trainers, this goes to show that the dogs are well treated by their owners and well taken care of. I do have my reservations when going to pet-themed attractions, I always keep an eye out how the animals are treated. We had an enjoyable quiet afternoon interacting with the dogs and stroking them, this is a rare treat, as we do not own any pets due to our busy work schedules. The cafe has a nice range of board games for a fun-filled afternoon, a very nice touch I must say for a relaxing afternoon.

There are mixed reviews on google about the food at the café, the team at the café are a young group and are most helpful we were served dessert before the main course and drinks are expensive but considering the fact that you aren’t charged for playing with the dogs, it is well worth the cost. We did wait rather long for our meal but the fish was fresh and delicious.




Ice Cream Waffle

Shall I close with a few ...

Chow Chow Dog Breed Fun Facts - The name Chow Chow is not of Chinese origin but from a pidgin-English term that was used to describe things that came from the East in the 18th century.

  • Chow Chows has 2 extra teeth compared to other canines most dogs have 42 while Chow Chows have 44.

  • Unusual coloured tongue, young Chow Chows have punk tongues but as they age, their tongues turn blueish black.

Chow Cute Cafe
16 The Oval, Seletar Aerospace Park, 797873
Tel: 6974 7916


Handmade beaded crystal necklace by Lilac Jewels - Sweet bunny

Youth entrepreneur- I got to know a very sweet girl via social media who runs Lilac Jewels. It has been a couple of months since we exchanged messages back and forth to get to know her business better. I just must say I am very impressed with the young lady who started her very own handmade jewellery business and even shares a tip or two with me from time to time on how to improve sales and better connect with your audience.

It was an honour to be her first customer; I purchased a customised crystal chip necklace from her, as I do not quite fancy the gold-coloured chain of the original design but glad customisation was available. I liked that there was a selection of mini crystals to choose from in different colours, the pastel stones went well with a silver chain and the workmanship is impressive. I really like the style of her dainty jewellery and would

handmade crystal flacks necklace


Thoughtfully packaged jewellery- I love all the freebies that she packed in the tiny parcel she sent me an intricately made necklace, a ring and a couple of stickers with a thank you note. I could tell that a lot of consideration was made with the tiny tags she attached to each piece of jewellery carefully placed in a purple organza bag,

                           handmade necklace packaging 

I invited Lilac Jewels to guest post on my blog, do lend her your support.

I started my small business to make affordable yet nice jewellery for everyone. Jewellery should not just be for those who can afford to buy high-quality ones, leaving those who are not able to afford them buying the lower quality ones.

 Such as necklaces that tarnish easily or bracelets that break when worn. Thus, I set up Lilac Jewels. to make dainty and pretty jewellery, which everyone can afford. Since young, I have always liked crafting. Especially beading. 

I have also aspired to help the less fortunate. Thus, every 20% of my earnings will go to a charity organisation.
 Handmade items are way more significant than store-bought ones. 

Behind the scenes is a lowly paid worker struggling to make ends meet just putting the jewellery pieces together. However, small businesses make everything by hand. Even the cards they give out is designed by hand! Jewellery is not overpriced pieces of gold; jewellery is a piece of decoration, used to make someone happy and more confident.

Flotation Therapy at Palm Ave Float Club (Kampong Bugis) - Sweet bunny

                                         Palm Avenue Float Club Sign

I received a gift card from my sister for Christmas last year. It was for a 60-minute float at Palm Ave float club for my hubby and myself. We delayed our trip to the float club for quite a number of months due to covid-19 but finally decide to go down and utilised the facilities.

We took a cab down to Kallang River Side Park and what looked like an old building in the middle of nowhere was charming when we entered, we were a little lost but the kind restaurant staff from the Raw Kitchen Bar on the first floor guided us to which lift to take. When we reached the Float Club we were greeted by a scenic view of Kallang River Side Park, the sight of old banyan trees and tranquil waters from the window walls just gives you a sense of relaxation and peace.

Lobby area of Palm Avenue Float Club
Lobby area of Palm Avenue Float Club

Floatation Therapy Benefits- In a blissed-out state is attained during floatation therapy, which can improve mental clarity, creativity, and problem-solving abilities other benefits from deep relaxation is better to sleep and muscle repair. Epsom salt is used in the pod water the solution is beneficial for your body and mental health.

Things you have to note before going for Floatation Therapy- As much as possible you might want to refrain from shaving before heading down for a floatation therapy session as the saying goes adding salt to a wound, shaving might cause micro-cuts and it will really hurt once the saltwater seeps into a wound and sting. However, the club does provide you with packets of Vaseline which you can use to seal up any nicks, cuts, or wounds before soaking. Dyeing your hair before soaking is also not advised because the hair colour may run.
shower and shower facilities
The staff was very efficient and friendly and after checking in via safe entry, we were guided to our floatation rooms. The pods were huge! The staff showed me all the facilities in the room like the shower area and floats for the neck because during floating some may feel a straining their necks so the float was provided to ease the tension allowing you to fully relax. The water is deep enough to allow you to float but the depth is nothing to worry about for people like myself who aren’t good swimmers. There are earplugs available to prevent salt from entering your ears. There is also a button within the pod that you could press for assistance from the staff.

closed pod float therapy

open pod float therapy

I started my floating session with a shower before heading into the pod, it is important to cleanse yourself removing any oil from your hair and body, which might create a distracting bubbling sensation. I did not close my pod as I didn’t like the claustrophobic feeling small spaces give me and also for the reason that I was told that one of the hinges of the pod wasn’t working well. I did not want to risk being stuck in a pod of water.

There is relaxing music at the beginning and ambient lighting before it is lights out and the music stops allowing you to fully relax. To be honest I began my first couple of minutes playing with the water and just enjoying the fact that I could float. The warm water has a calming effect. I tried a few positions before I could really relax for the remainder of the hour. The music and lights turned on when the hour was up so I hopped out of the pod to get a good shower to remove all the salt off my body. The salt does crystalize once it dries so do make sure that you wash yourself thoroughly.

                                        float therapy

Hubby was in a separate room and did enjoy his float session, would we like to go back for another float? Most likely no, don’t get us wrong it was enjoyable but at a slightly pricy range of SGD$89.00 an hour for a single float but it makes a good gift idea for someone you know needs to relax and would enjoy this experience.