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Starting 2022 with a Monthly Planner from Thelazeco- Sweet bunny

As the New Year approaches, it was time to prepare for the New Year by getting calendars and planners, I always look forward to getting a new planner because the fresh clean new pages make me feel like I have a clean slate, a fresh start full of hope for a meaningful year.


There are many assortments of Planners available these days, sometimes one may question which one is really the best? It is not a matter of the best but rather which one would be most suitable for you personally. I have gone through many planners over the years and had always stopped using them halfway leaving many wasted pages.

How to pick the perfect planner that is best for you- You have to experiment and have the discipline to actually use one, there is no point in writing everything down and not referring to it. After using a planner a couple of times you would find out what your style is. In my case, I prefer a monthly page. I prefer writing the main event of the day and listing down tasks that need to be done in a to-do list, quick and snappy.

Questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a planner –
  • Do you need a space to keep track of events and appointments?
  • Would you prefer to plan in a weekly or monthly format?
  • Do you need something portable to bring around with you or just one you like to keep at home?
  • Would you like a colourful planner with stickers or a minimalist planner.

After watching the Motel Makeover on Netflix, I caught the craze for terrazzo patterns so I went in search on Shoppe for one, I was glad I did so because my search lead me to find Thelazeco customised planners.

The A5 planner created by Thelazeco is exactly what I needed, I opted to only have the monthly pages for a monthly overview of the year. I plan to bring along this compact planner with me as it is compact and light. Choosing a layout that matches your style is important as you would be more comfortable using your planner and more likely to continue to use it for the whole year.

I really like how well thought and put together this hand-stitched booklet styled planner is.
It has a Soft Cover which is made with 250gsm Gloss Cardstock and the inner pages are text paper with 100gsm Off-White Paper which is clearly printed and neatly designed.

What is truly amazing about it is it is customisable. You are able to build your very own planner, the options are to have monthly and weekly pages, Monthly planner 2022 with Singapore Holidays indicated, notebook grid, notebook lined.

lazeco planner page

lazeco planner page

Another cool customisation the store offers is the printing of your name on the cover which is a very nice touch if you plan to give the planner as a gift. a plastic cover can also be purchased to protect your planner from bending or from getting dirty.

thelazeco on shopee Pink Terrazzo planner

Thelazeco is a local artist in Singapore who has an adorable range of Custom Planner, Notebook, Stickers and Cards. I really like her adorable illustrations of animals and food items, they are well-drawn and amusing. Please lend your support to this home-based art business.


  1. That is such a pretty planner! I love pretty stationary <3

  2. This planner looks great & I love that you can customize it!
    I've been thinking about getting planner for this year as I really want something I can write down things in

  3. That looks like a great planner, and I love that you can customize it!
    Julia x