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Getting a Good Night's Sleep by practicing good sleep hygiene - sweet bunny

I had insomnia for the longest time, being unable to sleep; staring at the ceiling until my day began was how I spent most of my evenings. Being a caregiver at night while working full-time during the day sort of messed up my internal clock when my caregiving duties ended with a passing of a loved one. I struggled to get in biological clock in order.


My friend was very kind she bought me a lavender pillow for my birthday it did help a little comfort wise but I was still unable to sleep, what really made a difference was completely drawing the curtains and being in total darkness helped the pineal gland to start producing melatonin while light causes that production to stop. I never knew that and mostly had the practice of keeping the curtains open through the night while I slept. It is amazing that the simplest things such as reducing the amount of light in a room could help get you better sleep, know this earlier could have prevented me from taking a supplement that was only a temporary fix to my sleep problem, withstanding the side effect the next day was no walk in the park either.

Practicing good sleep hygiene contributes to a better night’s sleep and a good night’s sleep gives you the energy for a productive day. I am guilty of having poor sleep hygiene; I had to pay for that during the day when I was usually exhausted, unfocused, and just eager to get back to bed for a good nap.

Inspired I drew some sheep and started creating a sleep tracker to keep my sleep patterns in check.

How to Track Your Sleep with a Sleep Log/ Tracker - A printable sleep tracker to track my sleep patterns and to collect details such as the number of hours, how energized I feel the next day as well as other notes such as dreams that disrupted your sleep or too much caffeine can be written under notes. Knowing your patterns will enable you to change the habits that are causing you precious winks of sleep.

How a sleep tracker works – The Happy Sheep Sleep Tracker I created is to record your sleep pattern for the month up to 31 Days. Start by Shading the month, and indicating the time you went to bed in the alarm clock, I really enjoyed shading the sheep and find it appropriate for any age group, the sheep that have numbers indicated on them to show the number of hours slept. In the printable, there are up to 18 sheep representing 18 hours, not that an adult would need that much sleep but to create the flexibility of use of the tracker, it can be used for a new-borns, which requires from 14-17 hours of sleep recommended by the National Sleep Foundation, pre-schooler 10 to 13 hours including naps. 6 to 12-year olds require 9 to 12 hours. 13 to 18 years 8 to 10 hours and finally adults, which need 7 to 8 hours, sleep. 

Fill in the notes section with any details you would like to add about your sleep. 

At the end of the month, you can rate your sleep quality for the month by shading the sheep at the bottom. Under the I need to section there are icons reminding you to sleep earlier, have less screen time before bed, have less caffeine, and relax before bedtime. There are two empty icons for you to draw or write what else you should do to improve your sleep quality.


Keeping track of my sleep has helped me get a good’s night rest and I eliminated having caffeine after 5pm which I realized was keeping me up at night. Also limiting the number of hours, I watch videos before bedtime also helped. Keeping track of your sleeping habits is a great way to highlight bad sleep hygiene and keep you on track for a good rest and a productive day ahead.

The printables are available in sizes, A4, A5, Letter, and Half-Letter. Do remember to adjust your printer properties before printing. The best part about printables is you can print as many as you like it is yours forever. If you are interested in purchasing this tracking it is available on Etsy and my Payhip page. I will also be giving out bonus items, 2 colouring pages of a girl sleeping with a blindfold on and one without a blindfold.  

Thanks for taking the time to read my post stay tuned for more printables. 



The Benefits of a Coffee Table On Wheels- Sweet bunny

The coffee table I would have to say is a piece of furniture that holds many memories for me. Before I was married, my family and I used to have our dinner on a rather large square-shaped glass coffee table in front of the television rather than at the dining table, our relatives would jest that we were eating in a Japanese or Korean style home. I would do my homework or assessments while my late father watched television or corrected my work.

As the size of most apartments in Singapore is getting smaller and smaller… we have to adjust the way, we do the space planning of our homes. The living room is also my family room where most of the activities such as exercise, watching a movie together or an evening of gaming take place. Having a permanent fixture in the centre of our living room would limit the number of activities that we can use the space.

The solution… A coffee table with wheels, about 2 years ago right after my renovations were done, I moved into my new home and most of the furniture was bought, there weren’t many tables with wheels in the market, the only choice I had was the TINGBY Side table on castors from Ikea. I liked the side table for its size and practicality but not so much for the design but it still works well as a coffee table.

                                  ikea side table with wheels

Advantages of the table on wheels - Mobility is one of the top benefits of having a table on wheels. Being able to shift the table easily to any place in our home makes enjoying a cuppa, snack or even a meal when one is alone at home a treat, just prop a bean bag next to it and you would be good to go. It gives you the flexibility of shifting the table around at ease.

The shape of tables on wheels - The tables that I have seen available in Singapore are mostly square or rectangular shaped, not much of a variety to choose from but online there are many choices from all over the globe but I worry about the shipping fees, assembly and quality of the products, what you see might not be what you get another option is getting a customised table on a wheel designed and manufactured locally but that can be on the costly side. A feature that you would consider having for a table on wheels is one that has a locking feature, young children tend to lean on the tables or use it to support their weight as they wobble unstably at home, locking the table would prevent mishaps from happening.

coffee table on wheels
trolley table from forty two

In conclusion, I would say that having a table on the wheel is a great addition to a home, some may even consider adding wheels to a small dining table when you live in a small space, and with a little creativity and innovation, you can design a room that is both comfortable and multi-functional.

Simple Storage Space Planning Excel Spreadsheet - Sweet bunny

The newest addition to my webshop's planners and printables…

Simple Storage Space Planning Spreadsheet-Have you ever been in a situation where you have bought too many storage bins and boxes that do not fit well in your drawers, shelves and refrigerator?

With Sweet Bunny Lobang’s Storage Space Planner Excel Sheet, “Buying organisation products and containers will never be a guessing game again.

Having an organised home is not only aesthetically pleasing but it makes your day flow better by not having to search for what you require at that very moment. More than often, than not I found myself purchasing organisation products that were ill-fitting or I purchased excessive amounts of products such as organising bins. I wanted to create a way to reduce wastage and save money so I came up with an excel planner which is able to calculate the space available and the number of organisation products that will fit before you make a purchase

Ebook Reader Instructional Manual - the Storage Space Planner instruction manual was created as a guide on how to use the excel sheet, it is beautifully illustrated by my good friend Rincarinn. It is designed in a way that there is a systematic guide on how the calculation of volume can be used in your everyday home organisation.

The excel sheet is formatted in a way that if your organisation product is not able to fit in the space the cell will light up red. There are fields to measure if you are able to stack up upon your bins and boxes in your shelf space or drawers.

Storage Space Excel Planner

Stackable Storage Box -I purchase most of my organising products from Daiso, before I head down to the store I would check their websites for bins and boxes that I would like to purchase, I would take note of the measurement and record it into the excel sheet to check if it would fit nicely in my cabinet, it also helps me visualise how many would be required to fill up the space as well as the number of categories I could sort my items into. For cases where I would like to store multiple bins, the excel sheet is also able to tell how many stacks I can able to fit into my cabinet.

Also available on Etsy   

Sweet Bunny Lobang’s Storage Space Planner Excel Sheet is available for purchase, I hope that you would lend me your support.

Sponsored Review, Sterra Breeze Air Purifier Review - Sweet bunny

living at home pikachu eevee sterra breeze
Home is where my family, lives, works and plays. Providing a conducive environment to live in has always been one of my top priorities. Being asthmatic causes, me to be more sensitive to my surroundings because my eyes tend to water and my nose always runs when I am in a dusty environment. A few members of my family also suffer from the same predicament. In addition, Covid-19 has also put a damper on special occasions and events, which even cause us constant, worry about our safety and wellbeing.

Sterra Breeze Air Purifier Review

Home is the safe space where one feels at ease, a place to unwind, relax and be yourself. I feel more assured now that I have the STERRA BREEZE Air Purifier to cleanse and purify the air in my home. Knowing that my family is taken care of, gives me peace of mind and having peace of mind is priceless.

Smart Design Home Air Purifier - The chic design of the Sterra Breeze Air Purifier is an excellent addition to my living room unlike many other brands of air purifiers, which are rather clumsy, designed in the aspect where you would have to roll the rectangle-shaped appliance to your desired location in your home. The crisp white Sterra Breeze is powerful yet portable, cleverly designed in such a way that the handle blends perfectly well into the control panel making it very aesthetically pleasing and functional. The lightweight air purifier is portable and weighs only 4.9kg, which is a definite plus for me. The touch panel is also easy to read and operate, a simple push of a button sets the purifier to your preferred setting, duration and power-saving mode for low power consumption. I really like the fact that you could turn the neon light of the purifier on or off, the blue ring of neon light somehow feels very calming to me in the evenings.

                                           Sterra Breeze Air Purifier evening blue light

              sterra brezze power air purifier review

Common residential indoor pollutants -Cleaning experts have stated that dust is produced not only from the outside environment but also from our skin cells, dust mites, bedding fibres, carpets, cushions, curtains and even more so with the presence of upholstered furniture in a room. I have tried using traditional methods to clean away the dust but it just agitates it back into the air.

Thankfully, the powerful STERRA BREEZE Air Purifier is able to capture a whole array of containments such as:
Cat Fur
Dog Fur
Pet Dander
Allergens, Virus
Harmful Chemicals
Dust Mites
Skin Flasks
Pollen & Spores
Textile Fibre
Volatile Organic Compound.


portable air purifier

I am a plant lover. Although I enjoy watching my flowers grow, I do suspect that the pollen from the flowers in my home might have contributed to us having an allergic reaction. In addition, from time to time my friends do stop by with their fur babies for a visit as well. As an animal lover, I always enjoy my time with them but my nose might not be as agreeable with our interactions.

portable air purifier in living room


Home Air Purifier & Air Cleaner with medical-grade True HEPA-13 Filter – After a week of using the purifier my family and I felt the difference in the air quality in my home especially in the mornings. We used to suffer from running noses and watery eyes, now, these symptoms have drastically reduced. It comes as no surprise to me because the STERRA BREEZE Air Purifier is equipped with a medical-grade True HEPA-13 Filter that removes up to 99.97% of all airborne particles and is perfectly built to clean the air in our 4 room flat.

What noise does an air purifier make- My family will now be able to be more productive when they work at home and relax better with the fresh filtered air without being disturbed by any noise generated by the Sterra Breeze Air Purifier. Unlike the traditional air purifiers in the market where the culprits of the noise are the fan and the motor that produces noises like chopping through the air or an annoying pitch. The Sterra Breeze is the quietest consumer tech product whisper-quiet on it goes to as low as 20db at the lowest fan setting perfect to run in the background you have meetings on Microsoft Teams or zoom meetings while working at home.

                                   using sterra breeze air purifier

Best energy-efficient and cost savings air purifier – What makes the Sterra Breeze Air Purifier a great home investment for quality indoor air is the fact that it consumes less electricity (48W). No fear of receiving an exorbitant electricity bill at the end of the month especially when you require to use the appliance during the day and overnight. In addition, it only uses affordable replacement filters which last about 1 to 1.5 years. Replace the filters with ease just by switching out the old filter with a new one, which you can purchase, from the STERRA website. They offer various bundles deals which makes it very economical, considering the minimal maintenance it requires.


                       affordable air purifier filters

                       energy saving air purifier

Keeping these two costs saving factors in mind about the Sterra Breeze Air Purifier and knowing that it could save me thousands of dollars over the course of time is definitely a bonus. 

                                                       best air  purifier sterra breeze

Sterra Breeze Air Purifier will provide quality indoor air for my family for years to come in a cost-effective way, the perfect air purifying solution that is worthwhile. 

I would highly recommend the STERRA BREEZE Air Purifier to my family and friends, especially those who suffer from asthma; it would greatly improve their condition. I would also recommend it to homeowners who have newly renovated homes because formaldehyde is used in many households’ carpentry products production and is cancer-causing. The Activated Carbon layer in the filter really comes in handy with removing smells and odours as well as harmful chemicals a definite plus for open-concept kitchens, which are common in HDB, flats these days.

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Sterra - Reviews are based on my personal experience and opinions. 

uBeau Effective Slimming Treatments in Singapore- Sweet bunny

I always have had a problem with a bulging tummy since my youth and I was beginning to look bloated all the time not a very attractive appearance if you asked me. Thankfully, I found uBeau on Carousell, on the platform the beauty salon received many positive reviews I was intrigued so I decided to book an appointment for a trial session.


uBeau Beauty Salon Bugis

Beauty salon near Bugis Junction - Response to my enquiries were swift and booking an appointment was a breeze. The salon is located in a shophouse in Bugis, which is conveniently located across the street from Bugis Junction. I like the neat and clean interiors of the salon, the beautician and owner of the beauty salon Liz is a pleasant person who doesn’t hard sell packages to you but focuses on which treatments would suit your needs better. Liz recommended a combination of the Ultrasound Cavitation and Emslim with RF treatments that assist you to achieve a contour body shape within a short period.

I am glad to report that I have lost about 3kg, 6cm on my upper belly and 4cm on my lower belly from going to 7 sessions of treatments over the course of 3 months.

What is Ultrasound Cavitation Fat Loss Therapy- Ultrasound cavitation treatment slims down delicate areas like flabby arms, thighs, tummy, buttock, love handles. The treatment helps to aid in fat reduction.

uBeau beauty salon treatments

What is UltraSLIM with RF - It uses high intensity focused electromagnetic wave (HIFEM) and RF (Radio Frequency) energy to burn fat, skin tightening, firm and build muscle. Cavitation uses strong ultrasound waves directly into your skin fatty layer to produce inner cracking of fat cells, dissolve into fatty acid, and convert them into wastes.

I have yet to reach my targeted size and weight just yet but I am confident with proper exercise, diet and treatments at uBeau I will be able to do so, not so much appearance-wise but also for my health and wellbeing


No 1, Liang Seah St, #02 - 14, 189022

Tel: 6333 0056

3 Creative Things to Do with Last Year's Calendar - Sweet bunny

It is the time of year again when Chinese New Year is approaching and we begin to spring clean our home in preparation for the visitation of our relatives and friends. Sorting out your stuff and purging outdated and unwanted items. Instead of trashing everything out do consider donating items that are in good condition such as clothes. Recycle small electronics and laptops in e-waste bins and my favourite word starts with the letter R, Reusing/ upcycling.

I have gathered calendars that I had lying around at home and those that I collected from friends and family. I decided to unleash the creative side of me and search for ways to upcycle last year’s calendars. Most of the calendars I received are made of quality prints on cardstock and other good quality paper with a classic paper tabletop stand, which is ridge and stable.


Old Calendars pictures for handmade greeting cards and crafts - The images from calendars are mostly of very good quality be they glossy or matt. Some come with beautiful quotes, others with the seasons of the year there are a huge variety of topics to choose from which make excellent artwork for greeting cards, crafts such as notebooks, and coasters the possibilities are endless. I snipped out all the images I liked and kept them in my tin box for future use. I don't have the dexterity of handling the scissors well so I use my trusty paper trimmer to cut out the pictures I wanted in squares or rectangles.


Old Calendar as a tabletop photo stand- I love keeping Polaroid, Instax and HP Sprockets photo print out that I have taken of my friends and family. A way I display them is using the cardboard stand from the calendars, right after I gently rip out the pages careful as you do so as the metal binder can go out of shape if excessive force is used, with a little blu-tack. I can interchange the photos I want to display without spending a dime on a stand or photo frame and if the stand gets old, you can always recycle it.


Turning an old calendar into a scrapbook- A video by Momz recipe & more on YouTube inspired me to create my very own scrapbook using an old calendar. The materials you require are drawing block papers, glue, scissors. It is so simple to do that it is ingenious of her to come up with such a fantastic idea just by cutting away the base of the calendar off and wrapping up the calendar pages with paper. I really like my upcycle scrapbook the rigid pages make it perfect for storing my paintings, I started to learn how to paint in November and didn’t have a proper place to keep my mini paintings, I didn’t want to display them either but kept them to see my progress in the craft, I didn’t want to spend too much on the hobby so the upcycled scrapbook is the perfect keepsake.




An extra treat for some calendars is the sticker page, which you could use to mark days you are on leave or for appointment reminders. Most of the time they are unused by their previous owners so it feels awesome getting hold of them to use on my planners.


All the scarps and unwanted pages and metal binder that I have leftover from my craft are sent for recycling. I usually keep these for a trusted recycling company and ensure everything is in pristine condition without any glue or adhesive which may hinder the recycling process.


I really enjoyed writing this piece on upcycling the experience of turning something old into something new is refreshing and looking at my end products just brings me so much joy.