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Birthdays are the time of the year that you can show your appreciation to your loved ones, food-wise. I always know where to take them or what to buy for them, but gifting-wise has always been a tough cookie for me, especially when you have multiple people to shop for in a month.

                                                        Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

Care packs Singapore customisable with to-door delivery- Customisable care packs have gained popularity over the years. Perhaps they are like an updated version of gift hampers in a box. The cardboard box does give the gifts inside a sense of mystery and is a sustainable option as these boxes can be recycled or used as a memory box to store all your keepsakes, letters and cards from family and friends. Having these care packs thoughtfully packed and shipped to your or the recipient's home is very convenient. I usually make my orders a month in advance to avoid forgetting a birthday.

September is a month when I have five friends and family members, and this year I decided to kill two birds with one stone and have two care packages delivered to two of my loved ones.

Birthday in the same month

How to select a suitable care pack vendor for Birthdays – I spent a few evenings checking out every Vendor in Singapore offering care packs and found that the concept was similar. You could choose a readily packed care pack or select a range of products to build your care pack. I usually prefer to develop my care pack because readily packed items may consist of items that the recipient might not use and would be a waste. I try to follow these steps when selecting a vendor.

1) Write down the recipients' interests and likes; this will help you decide on items that suit them best.

2) Check if the Vendor has the most items in stock that could create the care pack.

3) Items and shipping costs are within your budget for the gifts

The victor of my search was LOVA, mainly because they have items in stock that are appropriate for my recipients and the easy-to-navigate website; the UI UX is impressive. Furthermore, you support three to six local businesses when you purchase from LOVA.

                             LOVA - Your partner in gifting solutions webpage

LOVA's curated assortment

Best Gifts for Your Husband He will Genuinely Love – I selected from LOVA's curated assortment the Chug & Chill set because dear loves to snack on nuts, he is not much of a drinker, but the marble coaster would come in useful. I wanted the items to send a message to him; unfortunately, some things were too close to the expiry date, and the Vendor updated me before packaging the care pack. They were responsible for notifying the customer and ensuring everything was in good order.

CHILL & CHUG set from LOVA

My message, cheesy as it might seem from the items, would be:

I love and respect you; love and Respect Beers - Brewlander // 2 x Beers* (330ml each)

Life is a Roller coaster. I am glad that I get to enjoy the ride with you. - LOVA // 2 x Coasters*

I am nuts about you - With Love, Gretel // 2 x Sprouted Superfoods Snacks.

Dear was thrilled with his gift. He received 2 Respect Beers from Brewlander, LOVA white marble coaters which were made of natural marble that really impressed us, instead of the cheap plastic or paper kind we are used to seeing or receiving. 3 packets of Gretel nuts are packed neatly in a recyclable, eco-friendly gift box with a hand-tied ribbon and a handwritten card with your personalised message from me.

                           Handwritten message from LOVA

Self-Care Gift Box for a Sister -The second gift I opted to get was customised to my liking because it was my sister's birthday. I wanted to prepare a surprise for her. The process of designing a box is straightforward. In just 3 simple steps, you can customise a gift set. I like that we have options for the colours of ribbon and paper confetti stuffing, which gives each gift a personal touch.

Build a box LOVA

Interactive and easy-to-preview gift customisation – I cannot stop raving about how cool LOVA's Build a box function is. Seeing the items, colours and options you select come together in a beautiful preview is epic. It reminds me of Cher's closet in the movie Clueless but instead of clothes, gifts.

clueless cher's closet

Interactive care pack website LOVA

My sister was very touched; I reminded her that she mentioned that she wanted a care pack when we were creating one together for a relative last year. She said the book from the local author Wong Lai Chun was what she needed at this junction of life. Accompanied with Aromatherapy and bath items from The Scent Apothecary and Alletsoap to aid with destressing and self-care. 

                                Design a box LOVA

The delightful care packages were delivered to my place after office hours, just in time for me to receive them. Neatly wrapped in badge paper to prevent the box from getting dirty during delivery was a nice touch. The gold fold and high-quality ribbon's branding caught our attention. I believe that giving these out as corporate gifts would be a nice touch for staff in a company or for clients.

Credit for Screenshots: LOVA with LOVA's permission.

Chilling with the Cats at CATOPIA Café - Sweet Bunny

Dear and I love spending the holidays together, café hopping. This year seems to fly by; National Day was on our mist before we knew it. I suggested a cat café for a relaxing afternoon, chilling with the cats this time.
                                         Adorable cat in cat shape basket

Ethical Cat Cafés in Singapore-I am always very mindful when selecting a pet café to visit. I make it a point to go through as many reviews as possible to get an idea of what the environment is like for the animals, how they are treated and the behaviour of the establishment’s owners. Catopia Café had one of the highest favourable reviews on Google and Klook; this enticed me. I made a reservation on Catopia’s website and found it easy to navigate; select the time and date, and a popup with the house rules of the café will appear after you have accepted and read the terms. All you have to do is fill up a form, and you are done; payment is made at the cash register at the Café.

Getting to Cat Café in Bugis Singapore – Getting to the Café took a bit of time; we stopped at Rochor MRT Station and walked to the café. We arrived about half an hour earlier and were told by the staff to come back during our time slot because they were at total capacity with the previous group. We walked around the shophouse for a couple of minutes, unable to spot the café, but we found it after spotting the café’s Sign. Look out for a blue mural of a lamp out of space on the side of the shop house.

                                   Perak Street mural 

The Cafe was set up to bring people closer to cats in a safe social environment through interaction and education. Indeed, I believe the owner achieves precisely what he envisioned. Four staff were present at the café, three ladies and a gentleman who I think is the café owner. There are two stories in the café, and one of the younger staff seated us upstairs. She was very friendly and helpful in answering our questions, telling us about each cat and what its character was like. One staff was stationed upstairs and the others downstairs to ensure everything was in order, and the cats and people were interested in a safe manner.

cat napping heart shape spot

Gentle and Sweet Cats- I was glad to be upstairs, as I have to know the sweeter cats; the more active cats were mainly downstairs with the owner but did venture up as they pleased. We enjoyed the hour petting the cats and eating waffles and ice cream; we were pleasantly surprised that the cats were not attracted to the food, just propping up onto the table out of curiosity. Dear mentioned that he never knew the cat’s fur was so soft; other than seeing the neighbourhood strays, he does not have much experience interacting with cats. His favourite was the playful adolescent cat who was playing with the air purifier the staff had to carry him away; when she did so, he playfully pawed and pretended to bite her as he wiggled in her arms; he is very fast, constantly speeding around the room and checking out the visitors.

Catopia waffles and ice cream

cat resting

catopia cat singapore

brown orange cat

My only unpleasant experienced was when one cat was mean to a cat whose previous owner declawed; the café cats are mostly rescued. The poor clawless cat was terrified and hid in one of the boxes. The whole commotion happened behind me and frightened me. The loud, forceful meow scared me; I gave out a scream when I thought the cat was attacking me. I regretted it because one of the café’s rules was to keep our voices down and the surroundings peaceful and conditions for the cats. The upstairs staff quickly attended to the clawless cat, kept her in her cabin, and ensured everyone was all right. One of the owners also came up to check all was in order and spoke to the cat, who was naughty, in a gentle voice, not to be mean. The staff explained that these two cats did not get along. I guess cats also have their preferences on who they get along with.

                                         catopia cat cabin
The café keeps particular cats in their cabins to protect them from others; I notice there is an area that some cats go to when they want a break from all the people. I am glad they are not forced to interact. Most of them were also asleep in various spots of the café.

cat door


Overall I highly recommend this café to all cat lovers, a good place for kids who are seven years old and up. A massive crowd of kids and their parents were on the first floor waiting for their turn as dear and I left the café. It is worth it at SGD$13.00, a purrfect time with a group of adorable cats.

Catopia Cafe

46A Dunlop St, Singapore 209375
Opening Hours
Mon: Closed
Tues – Sun: 10am – 6pm
For reservations, please make your
booking online on https://catopiacafe.com/


Printable Password Log Sheets - Sweet Bunny

Every application from Netflix to Instagram, TikTok, and email accounts requires a username and password. Keeping track of everything can be a significant hassle, and you would have forgotten the password more often or less.

                                      Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

Why is it risky to use the same password on all your accounts? - Hackers can easily access all your services if you use one password. Having one password leads to credential stuffing, where hackers use previously stolen login information and stuff it into another website until they find a match.

I received a warning from Google a week ago to change my passwords because there was a breach in a few of my app accounts managed by Google, so I sort to rectify the issues with my passwords.

Using a unique password for all your online accounts may seem like a lot of work, but keeping your information safe from cyber criminals is worth the effort. Using cyber security measures like password managers and Multifactor authentication MFA, you can protect your accounts from being compromised.

I prefer the old-school method of writing it down in a list and keeping it in a binder at home because it is doubtful that a hacker would break into my house to steal my binder. 

Binder with ***
                                            Photo by Agnivesh Jayadeep on Unsplash

                              download password log

Printable Password Log Sheets – The latest addition to my printable webshop is an A4 printable and editable password log; each sheet is for up to five passwords and fills - Website or Account, Username, Password, Email Address, Last Updated, and Notes. A great way to keep your passwords organized is to divide them into categories on different pages Apps, Social Media, Online Streaming Sites, etc.

I have always preferred typing instead of writing , as my handwriting is atrocious, so the editable part of the PDF file works best for me.

Lastly, remember to store your password binder securely at home. Best practice would be in a locked drawer or safe. Also, never keep your banking details online, on clouds or on online storage. Clouds are never 100% secure, and you would not want anyone to have access to such information.

If you are out and require a copy of the list, you may secure the list in an attached folder on your phone, iPad or any device you carry with you when you are out.

For Android users, you may save the file in Google files in a Safe folder.

I am an Android user, so I save my list in Google files, a Safe folder with a pin you need to key in to access your files. I would not recommend keeping your files in Google Drives as you might share full access of your drive to someone by mistake, and they will be able to access all the data on your industry and in the case where hackers get access to your google account they will be able to get your password list as well.

As cybercrimes and fraud are on the rise, we have to up our game in keeping our accounts safe; what other methods do you use to keep your accounts secure? Share with me in the comments below.

Disclaimer: I am not an IT expert. This post is based on my opinion.  

5 Best 4-Star Hotels in Singapore, Affordable and Cozy! - Sweet Bunny / Traveloka

If you are planning to visit Singapore or looking for a great hotel for a staycation for the upcoming holidays. This post is definitely a Must- Read...

Featuring, Traveloka

5 Best 4-Star Hotels in Singapore, Affordable and Cozy!

Summer vacation this year, the tropical country remains the choice of tourists. The sun and supportive air make foreign and local tourists look forward to summer. Singapore. also offers fun nightlife festivities.

Singapore is also known as the country with the most urban parks. The country with the fastest pedestrians in the world and the country with the largest Ferris wheel in the world. Those who are curious about the Ferris wheel of Singapore, let's hurry up and book tickets and hotels. Speaking of the hotel, Singapore also has a large selection of luxury hotels at affordable prices. The most recommended hotel by travellers is Furama Riverfront.

                                   Furama riverfront hotel

However, Singapore also has many choices. From that, let's take a look at the best 4-star hotels in Singapore.

  1. M Social Singapore

One of the best 4-star hotels in Singapore is M Social Singapore. It is a boutique hotel located in Robertson Quay, Singapore. with a total of 293 loft-style themed rooms, restaurants, friendly autonomous staff, and a strategic location that makes this hotel the choice of tourists.


This hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, delivery services, fitness centre, massage, and spa that you can use 24 hours. There are various types of rooms that you can book, namely Alcove Cozy Room, Alcove Terrace Room, Loft Gallery Room, Loft Premier Room, and Loft Terrace Room.

  1. Hotel Grand Pacific

You can also book a room at The Grand Pacific Hotel through Traveloka. The hotel has been certified as SG Clean with a level of cleanliness that is always maintained. Using urban style and sophistication makes this hotel look luxurious with a culture that is maintained.

You can exercise in the fitness room, relax in the swimming pool, enjoy a variety of dishes at Sun's Café, and pamper your eyes with views of Singapore city. In addition, the hotel is close to Clarke Quay and Boat Quay, which you can visit at any time.

There is also a self-service laundry service for washing your clothes and a daily newspaper.

  1. Hotel Garden Inn Singapore

Alternatively, you can stay at the Garden Inn Singapore Hotel. The hotel is about a 5-minute walk from Tan Teng Niah, about 0.5 km from the Church of True Light, and about 0.6 km from Mustafa Center.

There is a Garden Grille to enjoy international cuisine, a 24-hour fitness centre, a swimming pool, and a bar/lounge you can enjoy. You can also use business facilities to hold business meetings or other major events at this hotel.

  1. Park Regis Singapore

Another 4-star hotel in Singapore is Park Regis Singapore. This hotel room uses an elegant and modern concept that makes the room look luxurious. The location of this hotel is also quite strategic because it is close to several tourist destinations such as the ArtScience Museum, Central Business District, and Gardens by the Bay.

There are facilities in the form of an outdoor swimming pool, fitness centre, self-service laundry, business service, and car rental & limousine airport transfer that you can use. You can also use the hotel's multipurpose room to hold large-scale events.

  1. Furama Riverfront

There is also another hotel option called Furama Riverfront. What's interesting about this hotel is that there are digital services that you can access via mobile phone, namely food e-delivery, book co-working space, Kintamani book table, parking vouchers, chatbots, and public transportation info, weather, impressions kids club, and waka-waka indoor playground.

In addition, this hotel provides facilities that you can access 24 hours, such as an outdoor swimming pool, gym, and waterfall lounge. You will also be pampered with room services, baby child care services, and nursery rooms.

Those are some of the best recommendations for 4-star hotels in Singapore you can choose for your stay. You can book your dream room through Traveloka and get attractive offers for your summer vacation plans. Bring your family, friends, or partner to enjoy the summer~

Hot Water Storage Heater for your BTO Flat - Sweet Bunny

 Nothing is as refreshing as having a shower at the beginning of the day or at the end after a long day’s work. Cleaning oneself is about personal hygiene and the numerous benefits and health benefits you receive from a hot shower.

Selecting a New Water Heater – 
When choosing a water heater for your home, there are a few factors to consider, such as the space available to place the water heater, preference for an instant tankless water heater or a storage water heater. Personally, I prefer a storage water heater for my household because we own a rain shower, having the proper water pressure to be compatible for the rain shower to function well, producing a refreshing blast of water instead of drips of water in cases where the water heater’s pressure isn’t sufficient.

BTO bathroom

Like most 4-Room BTO flats, there are two bathrooms, one connected to the master bedroom and another to the living room. My family and I use both bathrooms heavily and are glad to report that the A. O. Smith Water Heater was and still is very reliable for the past two years. The only issue we experienced was the heater switch installed by HDB broke. Still, thankfully, my Interior designer Hosen Gan from Swiss Interior, dispatched a contractor to help replace the switch for us. Hosen recommended AOS Bath to us. I can always trust Hosen’s recommendation. He is truly an honest and reliable ID.


Water Heater Purchase and Installation – The purchase was made by my husband, he went down to the AOS Bath showroom in Paya Lebar on a Saturday, and he said the staff were friendly, knowledgeable about their products and helpful. He purchased the A.O. Smith intelligent heater (40L/10 gal)/ Gen 6 Digital Heater and a pre-filter.

The following weekend 2 contractors came to fix up the heater in the bathroom closer to my living room. I felt terrible because the lights had not been installed in my place yet, but the heater was installed well with some torchlights. A job well done; we never faced issues with the heater for the past two years.

A.O. Smith intelligent heater

When family members use the hot water, you could always press the instant button to get hot water in a couple of minutes. To me, that is the best function of a storage heater.

Purchasing a heater from a reputable and trusted brand is essential for safety and cost savings. No one wants a heater that keeps breaking down and requires constant repairs.

                                                          bathroom with aos storage heater

AOS Bath is the sole distributor of A. O. Smith Water Heaters in Singapore. A. O. Smith is the #1 water heater company in the United States of America and has been established for 145 years.

Knowing how to use and maintain your water heater is essential. Thankfully, AOS conducts frequent training sessions with homeowners, architects, consultants and businesses. Being a well-established company, its hot water systems are supplied to hospitals, clubs, hotels and organisations such as Resort World Sentosa, Haidilao, Nanyang Technological University and Universal Studios.

Sponsored Review, Best Buy LUMOS TEMPO (ANC) Wireless Earbuds - Sweet Bunny

Since our dating days, I have known my husband to be an audiophile. He is somewhat critical of sound quality and owns a range of earphones and earbuds that he switches from time to time, depending on his daily activities. I usually seek his opinion on the audio tech, and I am glad to report that he is awe-struck by the LUMOS TEMPO earbuds.    

                                LUMOS TEMPO EARBUDS and leave background

Music is not just entertainment when you are on the move. It stimulates the mind and, as research has shown, reduces anxiety and improves your mood, mental alertness, and memory. Invest in a pair of quality earbuds to reap the full benefits of music. The LUMOS TEMPO earbuds are a special buy retailing at SGD$179.00, be amazed at the sound quality it produces. A similar premium pair of earbuds usually cost SGD$300.00 to SGD$400.00. It is excellent that you could get the same quality at almost half the price, indeed bang for one's buck.

unboxing LUMOS TEMPO earbuds

Earbuds Packaging Unboxing- When dear and I received our earbuds, we were impressed by the premium packaging. In its stylish white box, you will find the LUMOS TEMPO Earbuds in the earbuds charging case. I like the case's colour and texture as it resembles a smooth grey pebble; the lightweight case is just the right fit for my palm. Included in the package were a USB Type C charger and three-size foam tips for the earbuds. I liked how the foam tips were displayed at a glance, you can tell what sizes are available, and you can pick a pair that would fit comfortably in your ears.
                                           LUMOS TEMPO outdoor earbuds

                                    Fan and noise canceling earbuds

Noise Cancelling Earbuds Blocks Out Wind Noise From My Fan – While I write a blog post, I usually have a fan at full blast to keep me calm. I enjoy listening to music with earbuds on so as not to disrupt dear who share the home office with me. I was surprised that the noise-cancelling mode of the earbuds blocked out the sound of the wind from my fan. The Superior Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) function of the LUMOS TEMPO earbuds cancels up to 42db while the industry average is only 30db. This means LUMOS TEMPO can block out more effectively all distracting & fuzzy background noises than other brands of earbuds. Therefore, it delivers superior noise-free audio.

Running and Workout Earbuds LUMOS TEMPO

Running And Workout Earbuds - Dear is more of a runner, while I prefer aerobics. What we do have in common is we enjoy listening to music while we are working out. I am glad to report that the LUMOS TEMPO earbuds were very comfortable and fitted well. Dear uses a medium-sized foam tip while I used a small-sized one. The earbuds fit securely in our ears, and it is nice to exercise at ease without worrying about our earbuds flying off when moving at a faster pace while doing a HIIT workout. 

Being able to control the different sound modes of your earbuds is incredibly useful for safety reasons and to adapt to the environment around you without compromising the sound quality of your music. When exercising outside, one must be aware of our surroundings. Thankfully with the Transparency Mode (Ambient Mode) on, LUMOS TEMPO can pick out & amplify sounds around you. This means you can react to your surroundings without taking off your wireless earbuds, which is great for looking out for traffic or bikes passing you by on the pavement. Most importantly, we tend to perspire buckets during our workouts. The earbuds are sweat & water-resistant with an IPX5 Rating-Rated, IPX5 sweat & water-splash proof no stress of damaging your earbuds when it is in contact with water, which is indeed an excellent feature for a sporty individual.

Housework earbuds LUMOS TEMPO

Listening To Music While Doing Household Chores – I have a 2-hour playlist especially made for when I am doing my chores for the week to keep me motivated to complete the mundane task. I am so glad I have the LUMOS TEMPO earbuds to keep me company with the music I enjoy. The best part is making calls while doing housework and chatting on the phone, and being on the move is possible because the High Definition (HD) 6-Mic Calling-LUMOS TEMPO is equipped with 6 mics vs the traditional 4 mic setup in most earbuds on the market this enables the callers to receive a clear and sharp voice.

Premium Sound Quality Earbuds LUMOS TEMPO – In conclusion, both dear and I like the LUMOS TEMPO Earbuds; he enjoyed the earbuds' bass and commented that they were comparable with the more expensive ones that he owns. That was no surprise to me because the Team at LUMOS has tested and calibrated the bass, midrange, and treble to the most optimal setting - Trinity360 brings out the most well-rounded & true-to-original character of your music.

                                       Love the earbuds LUMOS TEMPO

My favourite feature of the LUMOS TEMPO earbuds is the long-lasting battery and most extended 30-Hour Battery Life -LUMOS TEMPO packs the most prolonged 30 hours of battery life vs 5-20 hours for other brands. It is refreshing to have a pair of earbuds that I can rely on going through the week enjoying my music without having to deal with dead earbuds or constantly having to charge the LUMOS TEMPO is definitely a choice. If you are looking for an affordable pair of earbuds of excellent quality and selection.

Lime Juice to reduce body heat naturally - Sweet Bunny

Recently the weather in Singapore has become unbearably hot, probably due to climate change or, as I recalled, June usually is the hottest time of the year. During this heatwave, why not reap the benefits of lime juice while quenching your thirst? When it gets hot, one tends to get thirsty. Lucky for me, when life gives, your lemons make lemonade. In my case, it was when your friend gave you limes... Yes, two bags full of homegrown limes, to be exact; he even told me it went well with Polleney Pure Honey.

                                       Bowl of limes

Lime Water Benefits – Limes are full of antioxidants and Vitamin C. Vitamin C is important because the body produces collagen for healing wounds uses it. A single lime can provide up to 32% of the Vitamin C you need daily. It is also an excellent beverage to switch to if you want to lose weight; it has much less sugar than carbonated drinks.

Besides being a nourishing fruit, limes help bring down the body heat with the help of vitamin c, and oxidation happens within the body while keeping it hydrated. Keeping you refreshed and energized.

Here is my friend's lime juice recipe; my hubby has made 3 jugs of it so far, and my family really enjoys this refreshing beverage; we keep our jar in the fridge to make sure it is icy cold and also because cold water is less soluble making the drink less acidic.

                                                           making lime juice
How to prepare Lime Juice

Get a 1 l Jug and fill it halfway with water. We usually squeeze the 15 small limes into a bowl and strainer to prevent the seed from mixing with the juice.

Mix 2 tables spoons of Polleney Honey with a wooden spoon and enjoy. Polleyney honey can be found in supermarkets in Singapore and retails at SGD$4.95.

Although the sour treat of lime juice has many benefits for your health, citrus fruits are not so great for your teeth.

Enjoying lime juice without destroying your teeth' enamel – Drink with a straw and aim it to the back of your mouth, avoiding your teeth. Use fewer limes and dilute the citric acid with more water. Rinse your mouth with water after enjoying your drink; this will bring down the ph. of the saliva, which helps your enamel. Wait one hour before brushing your teeth. Brushing softened enamel will harm your teeth.

Now that you know my juice's pros and cons, I hope you can beat the heat with me and enjoy an easy-to-make jug of lime juice.

jar of lime juice

Getting a Good Night's Sleep by practicing good sleep hygiene - Sweet Bunny

I had insomnia for the longest time, being unable to sleep; staring at the ceiling until my day began was how I spent most of my evenings. Being a caregiver at night while working full-time during the day sort of messed up my internal clock when my caregiving duties ended with a loved one passing. I struggled to get in the biological clock in order.


My friend was very kind. She bought me a lavender pillow for my birthday. It did help a little comfort-wise, but I was still unable to sleep; what really made a difference was completely drawing the curtains and being in total darkness helped the pineal gland to start producing melatonin while light causes that production to stop. I never knew that and mostly had the practice of keeping the curtains open through the night while I slept. Amazingly, the simplest things such as reducing the amount of light in a room could help get you better sleep; knowing this earlier could have prevented me from taking a supplement that was only a temporary fix to my sleep problem, withstanding the side effect the next day was no walk in the park either.

Practising good sleep hygiene contributes to a better night’s sleep and a good night’s sleep gives you the energy for a productive day. I am guilty of having poor sleep hygiene; I had to pay for that during the day when I was usually exhausted, unfocused, and just eager to get back to bed for a good nap.

Inspired, I drew some sheep and started creating a sleep tracker to keep my sleep patterns in check.

How to Track Your Sleep with a Sleep Log/ Tracker - A printable sleep tracker to track my sleep patterns and to collect details such as the number of hours, how energized I feel the next day, as well as other notes such as dreams that disrupted your sleep or too much caffeine, can be written under notes. Knowing your patterns will enable you to change the habits that are causing you precious winks of sleep.

How a sleep tracker works – The Happy Sheep Sleep Tracker I created is to record your sleep pattern for the month up to 31 Days. Start by Shading the month and indicating the time you went to bed on the alarm clock. I enjoyed shading the sheep and find it appropriate for any age group, the sheep with numbers indicated on them to show the number of hours slept. In the printable, there are up to 18 sheep representing 18 hours, not that an adult would need that much sleep but to create the flexibility of use of the tracker, it can be used for new-borns, which requires from 14-17 hours of sleep recommended by the National Sleep Foundation, pre-schooler 10 to 13 hours including naps. 6 to 12-year olds require 9 to 12 hours. 13 to 18 years 8 to 10 hours and finally adults, which need 7 to 8 hours, sleep. 

Fill in the notes section with any details you would like to add about your sleep. 

Under the I need to section, icons are rremindto sleep earlier, have less screen time before bed, have less caffeine, and relax before bedtime. There are two empty icons for you to draw or write what else you should do to improve your sleep quality. At the end of the month, you can rate your sleep quality for the month by shading the sheep at the bottom.


Keeping track of your sleeping habits is a great way to highlight lousy sleep hygiene and keep you on track for a good rest and a productive day ahead. Keeping track of my sleep has helped me get a good’s night rest, and I eliminated having caffeine after 5pm, which I realized was keeping me up at night. Also, limiting the number of hours I watch videos before bedtime also helped.

The printables are available in sizes A4, A5, Letter, and Half-Letter. Do remember to adjust your printer properties before printing. The best part about printables is you can print as many as you like. It is yours forever. If you are interested in purchasing this tracking, it is available on Etsy and my Payhip page. I will also give out bonus items, 2 colouring pages of a girl sleeping with a blindfold and one without a blindfold.  

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Stay tuned for more printables. 



The Benefits of a Coffee Table On Wheels- Sweet Bunny

The coffee table, I would have to say, is a piece of furniture that holds many memories for me. Before I was married, my family and I had dinner on a rather sizeable square-shaped glass coffee table in front of the television rather than at the dining table; our relatives would jest that we were eating in Japanese or Korean-style home. I would do my homework or assessments while my late father watched television or corrected my work.

As most apartments in Singapore are getting smaller and smaller… we have to adjust the way we do the space planning of our homes. The living room is also my family room where most activities such as exercise, watching a movie together or an evening of gaming take place. Having a permanent fixture in the centre of our living room would limit the number of activities we can use.

The solution… A coffee table with wheels, about 2 years ago, right after my renovations were done, I moved into my new home, and most of the furniture was bought. There weren’t many tables with wheels in the market. My only choice was the TINGBY Side table on castors from Ikea. I liked the side table for its size and practicality but not so much for the design, but it still works well as a coffee table.

                                  ikea side table with wheels

Advantages of the table on wheels - Mobility is one of the top benefits of having a table on wheels. It gives you the flexibility of shifting the table around at ease. Being able to change the table quickly to any place in our home makes enjoying a cuppa, snack or even a meal when one is alone at home a treat; just prop a bean bag next to it, and you would be good to go.

The shape of tables on wheels - The tables that I have seen available in Singapore are mostly square or rectangular shaped; not much of a variety to choose from, but online there are many choices from all over the globe, but I worry about the shipping fees, assembly and quality of the products, what you see might not be what you get another option is getting a customised table on a wheel designed and manufactured locally, but that can be on the pricey side. A feature that you would consider having for a table on wheels has a locking feature; young children tend to lean on the tables or use it to support their weight as they wobble unstably at home. Locking the table would prevent mishaps from happening.

coffee table on wheels
trolley table from forty two

In conclusion, I would say that having a table on the wheel is an excellent addition to a home, some may even consider adding wheels to a small dining table when you live in a small space, and with a bit of creativity and innovation, you can design a room that is both comfortable and multi-functional.

Simple Storage Space Planning Excel Spreadsheet - Sweet Bunny

The newest addition to my webshop's planners and printables…

Simple Storage Space Planning Spreadsheet-Have you ever been in a situation where you have bought too many storage bins and boxes that do not fit well in your drawers, shelves and refrigerator?

With Sweet Bunny Lobang's Storage Space Planner Excel Sheet, "Buying organisation products and containers will never be a guessing game again.

Having an organised home is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it makes your day flow better by not having to search for what you require at that very moment. More than often, I found myself purchasing ill-fitting organisation products, or I purchased excessive amounts of products such as organising bins. I wanted to create a way to reduce wastage and save money, so I came up with an excel planner which can calculate the space available and the number of organisation products that will fit before you make a purchase.

Ebook Reader Instructional Manual - the Storage Space Planner instruction manual was created to guide how to use the excel sheet. It is beautifully illustrated by my good friend Rincarinn. It is designed in a way that there is a systematic guide on how the calculation of volume can be used in your everyday home organisation.

The excel sheet is formatted so that if your organisation's product cannot fit in the space, the cell will light up red. There are fields to measure if you can stack up your bins and boxes in your shelf space or drawers.

Storage Space Excel Planner

Stackable Storage Box -I purchase most of my organising products from Daiso. Before heading to the store, I would check their websites for bins and boxes I would like to purchase. I would take note of the measurement and record it into the excel sheet to check if it would fit nicely in my cabinet. For cases where I would like to store multiple bins, the excel sheet can also tell how many stacks I can fit into my wardrobe. It also helps me visualise how many would be required to fill the space, as andnumber categories I could sort my items into.

Sweet Bunny Lobang's Storage Space Planner Excel Sheet is available for purchase. I hope you will lend me your support.

Sponsored Review, Sterra Breeze Air Purifier Review - Sweet Bunny

living at home pikachu eevee sterra breeze
Home is where my family, lives, works and plays. Providing a conducive environment to live in has always been one of my top priorities. Being asthmatic causes, me to be more sensitive to my surroundings because my eyes tend to water and my nose always runs when I am in a dusty environment. A few members of my family also suffer from the same predicament. In addition, Covid-19 has also put a damper on special occasions and events, which even cause us constant, worry about our safety and wellbeing.

Sterra Breeze Air Purifier Review

Home is the safe space where one feels at ease, a place to unwind, relax and be yourself. I feel more assured now that I have the STERRA BREEZE Air Purifier to cleanse and purify the air in my home. Knowing that my family is taken care of, gives me peace of mind and having peace of mind is priceless.

Smart Design Home Air Purifier - The chic design of the Sterra Breeze Air Purifier is an excellent addition to my living room unlike many other brands of air purifiers, which are rather clumsy, designed in the aspect where you would have to roll the rectangle-shaped appliance to your desired location in your home. The crisp white Sterra Breeze is powerful yet portable, cleverly designed in such a way that the handle blends perfectly well into the control panel making it very aesthetically pleasing and functional. The lightweight air purifier is portable and weighs only 4.9kg, which is a definite plus for me. The touch panel is also easy to read and operate, a simple push of a button sets the purifier to your preferred setting, duration and power-saving mode for low power consumption. I really like the fact that you could turn the neon light of the purifier on or off, the blue ring of neon light somehow feels very calming to me in the evenings.

                                           Sterra Breeze Air Purifier evening blue light

              sterra brezze power air purifier review

Common residential indoor pollutants -Cleaning experts have stated that dust is produced not only from the outside environment but also from our skin cells, dust mites, bedding fibres, carpets, cushions, curtains and even more so with the presence of upholstered furniture in a room. I have tried using traditional methods to clean away the dust but it just agitates it back into the air.

Thankfully, the powerful STERRA BREEZE Air Purifier is able to capture a whole array of containments such as:
Cat Fur
Dog Fur
Pet Dander
Allergens, Virus
Harmful Chemicals
Dust Mites
Skin Flasks
Pollen & Spores
Textile Fibre
Volatile Organic Compound.


portable air purifier

I am a plant lover. Although I enjoy watching my flowers grow, I do suspect that the pollen from the flowers in my home might have contributed to us having an allergic reaction. In addition, from time to time my friends do stop by with their fur babies for a visit as well. As an animal lover, I always enjoy my time with them but my nose might not be as agreeable with our interactions.

portable air purifier in living room


Home Air Purifier & Air Cleaner with medical-grade True HEPA-13 Filter – After a week of using the purifier my family and I felt the difference in the air quality in my home especially in the mornings. We used to suffer from running noses and watery eyes, now, these symptoms have drastically reduced. It comes as no surprise to me because the STERRA BREEZE Air Purifier is equipped with a medical-grade True HEPA-13 Filter that removes up to 99.97% of all airborne particles and is perfectly built to clean the air in our 4 room flat.

What noise does an air purifier make- My family will now be able to be more productive when they work at home and relax better with the fresh filtered air without being disturbed by any noise generated by the Sterra Breeze Air Purifier. Unlike the traditional air purifiers in the market where the culprits of the noise are the fan and the motor that produces noises like chopping through the air or an annoying pitch. The Sterra Breeze is the quietest consumer tech product whisper-quiet on it goes to as low as 20db at the lowest fan setting perfect to run in the background you have meetings on Microsoft Teams or zoom meetings while working at home.

                                   using sterra breeze air purifier

Best energy-efficient and cost savings air purifier – What makes the Sterra Breeze Air Purifier a great home investment for quality indoor air is the fact that it consumes less electricity (48W). No fear of receiving an exorbitant electricity bill at the end of the month especially when you require to use the appliance during the day and overnight. In addition, it only uses affordable replacement filters which last about 1 to 1.5 years. Replace the filters with ease just by switching out the old filter with a new one, which you can purchase, from the STERRA website. They offer various bundles deals which makes it very economical, considering the minimal maintenance it requires.


                       affordable air purifier filters

                       energy saving air purifier

Keeping these two costs saving factors in mind about the Sterra Breeze Air Purifier and knowing that it could save me thousands of dollars over the course of time is definitely a bonus. 

                                                       best air  purifier sterra breeze

Sterra Breeze Air Purifier will provide quality indoor air for my family for years to come in a cost-effective way, the perfect air purifying solution that is worthwhile. 

I would highly recommend the STERRA BREEZE Air Purifier to my family and friends, especially those who suffer from asthma; it would greatly improve their condition. I would also recommend it to homeowners who have newly renovated homes because formaldehyde is used in many households’ carpentry products production and is cancer-causing. The Activated Carbon layer in the filter really comes in handy with removing smells and odours as well as harmful chemicals a definite plus for open-concept kitchens, which are common in HDB, flats these days.

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Sterra - Reviews are based on my personal experience and opinions.