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I always have had a problem with a bulging tummy since my youth, and I was beginning to look bloated all the time, not a very attractive appearance if you asked me. Thankfully, I found uBeau on Carousell; the beauty salon received many positive review on the platforms. I was intrigued, so I booked an appointment for a trial session.


uBeau Beauty Salon Bugis

Beauty salon near Bugis Junction - Response to my enquiries was swift, and booking an appointment was a breeze. The salon is located in a shophouse in Bugis, conveniently located across the street from Bugis Junction. I like the neat and clean interiors of the salon, the beautician and owner of the beauty salon Liz, is a pleasant person who doesn’t hard sell packages to you but focuses on which treatments would suit your needs better. Liz recommended a combination of the Ultrasound Cavitation and Emslim with RF treatments that assist you in achieving a contour body shape within a short period.

I am glad to report that I have lost about 3kg, 6cm on my upper belly and 4cm on my lower abdomen from going to 7 sessions of treatments over 3 months.

What is Ultrasound Cavitation Fat Loss Therapy- Ultrasound cavitation treatment slims down delicate areas like flabby arms, thighs, tummy, buttock, and love handles. The therapy helps to aid in fat reduction.

uBeau beauty salon treatments

What is UltraSLIM with RF - It uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic wave (HIFEM) and RF (Radio Frequency) energy to burn fat, skin tightening, firm and build muscle. Cavitation uses strong ultrasound waves directly into your skin's fatty layer to produce internal cracking of fat cells, dissolve fatty acids, and convert them into waste.

I have yet to reach my targeted size and weight, but I am confident that with proper exercise, diet and treatments at uBeau, I will be able to do so, not so much appearance-wise but also for my health and wellbeing


No 1, Liang Seah St, #02 - 14, 189022

Tel: 6333 0056

3 Creative Things to Do with Last Year's Calendar - Sweet bunny

It is the time of year again when Chinese New Year is approaching, and we begin to spring clean our home in preparation for visiting our relatives and friends. Sorting out your stuff and purging outdated and unwanted items. Instead of trashing everything out, consider donating items in good condition, such as clothes. Recycle small electronics and laptops in e-waste bins, and my favourite word starts with the letter R, Reusing/ upcycling.

I have gathered calendars I had lying around at home and those I collected from friends and family. I decided to unleash my creative side and search for ways to upcycle last year’s calendars. Most of the calendars I received are made of quality prints on cardstock and other good-quality paper with a classic tabletop stand, which is ridge and stable.


Old Calendars pictures for handmade greeting cards and crafts - The images from calendars are primarily of excellent quality, be they glossy or matt. Some come with beautiful quotes; others with the seasons of the year. There are a wide variety of topics to choose from, which make excellent artwork for greeting cards, crafts such as notebooks, and coasters. The possibilities are endless. I don't have the dexterity to handle the scissors well, so I use my trusty paper trimmer to cut out the pictures I want in squares or rectangles. I snipped out all the images I liked and kept them in my tin box for future use.


Old Calendar as a tabletop photo stand- I love keeping Polaroid, Instax and HP Sprockets photo prints that I have taken from my friends and family. A way I display them is using the cardboard stand from the calendars, right after I gently rip out the pages, careful as you do so as the metal binder can go out of shape if excessive force is used, with a bit of blu-tack. I can interchange the photos I want to display without spending a dime on a stand or photo frame, and if the stand gets old, you can always recycle it.


Turning an old calendar into a scrapbook- A video by Momz recipe & more on YouTube inspired me to create my own scrapbook using an old calendar. The materials you require are drawing block papers, glue, and scissors. It is so simple that it is ingenious of her to come up with such a fantastic idea just by cutting off the base of the Calendar and wrapping up the calendar pages with paper. I really like my upcycle scrapbook. The rigid pages make it perfect for storing my paintings; I started to learn how to paint in November and didn’t have a proper place to keep my mini images; I didn’t want to display them either but kept them to see my progress in the craft, I didn’t want to spend too much on the hobby, so the upcycled scrapbook is the perfect keepsake.




An extra treat for some calendars is the sticker page, which you could use to mark days on leave or for appointment reminders. Most of the time, they are unused by their previous owners, so it feels incredible getting hold of them to use on my planners.


All the scarps, unwanted pages, and metal binder leftover from my craft are sent for recycling. I usually keep these for a trusted recycling company and ensure everything is in pristine condition without any glue or adhesive, which may hinder the recycling process.


I really enjoyed writing this piece on upcycling. The experience of turning something old into something new is refreshing and looking at my end products just brings me so much joy.