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Simple Storage Space Planning Excel Spreadsheet - Sweet bunny

The newest addition to my webshop's planners and printables…

Simple Storage Space Planning Spreadsheet-Have you ever been in a situation where you have bought too many storage bins and boxes that do not fit well in your drawers, shelves and refrigerator?

With Sweet Bunny Lobang’s Storage Space Planner Excel Sheet, “Buying organisation products and containers will never be a guessing game again.

Having an organised home is not only aesthetically pleasing but it makes your day flow better by not having to search for what you require at that very moment. More than often, than not I found myself purchasing organisation products that were ill-fitting or I purchased excessive amounts of products such as organising bins. I wanted to create a way to reduce wastage and save money so I came up with an excel planner which is able to calculate the space available and the number of organisation products that will fit before you make a purchase

Ebook Reader Instructional Manual - the Storage Space Planner instruction manual was created as a guide on how to use the excel sheet, it is beautifully illustrated by my good friend Rincarinn. It is designed in a way that there is a systematic guide on how the calculation of volume can be used in your everyday home organisation.

The excel sheet is formatted in a way that if your organisation product is not able to fit in the space the cell will light up red. There are fields to measure if you are able to stack up upon your bins and boxes in your shelf space or drawers.

Storage Space Excel Planner

Stackable Storage Box -I purchase most of my organising products from Daiso, before I head down to the store I would check their websites for bins and boxes that I would like to purchase, I would take note of the measurement and record it into the excel sheet to check if it would fit nicely in my cabinet, it also helps me visualise how many would be required to fill up the space as well as the number of categories I could sort my items into. For cases where I would like to store multiple bins, the excel sheet is also able to tell how many stacks I can able to fit into my cabinet.

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Sweet Bunny Lobang’s Storage Space Planner Excel Sheet is available for purchase, I hope that you would lend me your support.


  1. This looks like a very useful planner - certainly something to bear in mind the next time I'm shopping for storage boxes :)

  2. The planner looks useful & next year I'll be moving so I'll have to keep this in mind for when I'm firguing out how to organize everything in my new apartment

  3. Oh wow this looks super helpful! GOOD job!!

    Allie of

  4. That is such a great idea! The spreadsheet looks beautiful and well planned, I am sure it would be super handy

  5. the planner is very useful! thank you for sharing
    I’m wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead

    style frontier

  6. This is a great planner, we will definitely need to get a copy for when we plan on building a kitchen space at the back of my parents' house next year!