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Sponsored Review, Best Buy LUMOS TEMPO (ANC) Wireless Earbuds - Sweet bunny

Ever since our dating days, I have known my husband to be an audiophile. He is somewhat critical of sound quality and owns a range of earphones and earbuds that he switches from time to time depending on his activities for the day. I usually seek his opinion on the audio tech and I am glad to report that he is awe-struck by the LUMOS TEMPO earbuds.    

                                LUMOS TEMPO EARBUDS and leave background

Music is not just entertainment when you are on the move, it stimulates the mind and as research has shown reduces anxiety, and improves your mood and mental alertness, and memory. To reap the full benefits of music invest in a pair of quality earbuds, the LUMOS TEMPO earbuds are an impressive buy retailing at SGD$179.00, be amazed at the sound quality it produces. A similar premium pair of earbuds usually cost in the range of SGD$300.00 to SGD$400.00, it is great that you could get the same quality at almost half the price, indeed bang for one's buck.

unboxing LUMOS TEMPO earbuds

Earbuds Packaging Unboxing- When dear and I received our earbuds; we were impressed by the premium packaging. In its stylish white box, you will find the LUMOS TEMPO Earbuds in the earbuds charging case, I like that the colour and texture of the case as it resembles a smooth grey pebble, the light-weight case is just the right fit for my palm. Included in the package were a USB Type C charger as well as three sizes of foam tips for the earbuds, I liked the way the foam tips were displayed at a glance, you can tell what sizes are available and you can pick a pair that would fit comfortably in your ears.
                                           LUMOS TEMPO outdoor earbuds

                                    Fan and noise canceling earbuds

Noise Cancelling Earbuds Blocks Out Wind Noise From My Fan – While I write a post for my blog, I would usually have a fan at full blast to keep me cool. I enjoy listening to music with earbuds on so as not to disrupt dear who share the home office with me. I was surprised that with the noise-canceling mode of the earbuds on, it blocked out the sound of the wind from my fan. The Superior Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) function of the LUMOS TEMPO earbuds cancels up to 42db while the industry average is only 30db. This means LUMOS TEMPO can block out more effectively all distracting & fuzzy background noises than other brands of earbuds. Therefore, it delivers superior noise-free audio.

Running and Workout Earbuds LUMOS TEMPO

Running And Workout Earbuds - Dear is more of a runner while I prefer aerobics. What we do have in common is we enjoy listening to music while we are working out. I am glad to report that the LUMOS TEMPO earbuds were very comfortable and fitted well. Dear uses a medium-sized foam tip while I used a small-sized one. The earbuds fit securely in our ears and it is nice to be able to exercise at ease without worrying about our earbuds flying off when moving at a faster pace while doing a HIIT workout. 

When exercising outside one must be aware of our surroundings thankfully with the Transparency Mode (Ambient Mode) on, LUMOS TEMPO is able to pick out & amplify sounds around you. This means you can react to your surroundings even without taking off your wireless earbuds, great for looking out for traffic or bikes passing you by on the pavement. Being able to control the different sound modes of your earbuds is incredibly useful, for safety reasons as well as to adapt to the environment around you without compromising the sound quality of your music. Most importantly, we tend to perspire buckets during our workouts the earbuds are sweat & water-resistant with an IPX5 Rating-Rated, IPX5 sweat & water-splash proof no stress of damaging your earbuds when it is in contact with water, which is indeed an excellent feature for a sporty individual.

Housework earbuds LUMOS TEMPO

Listening To Music While Doing Household Chores – I have a 2-hour playlist especially made for when I am doing my chores for the week to keep me motivated to complete the mundane task. I am so glad that I have the LUMOS TEMPO earbuds to keep me company with the music I enjoy. The best part is making calls while doing housework and chatting on the phone and being on the move is possible because the High Definition (HD) 6-Mic Calling-LUMOS TEMPO is equipped with 6 mics vs the traditional 4 mic setup in most earbuds on the market this enables the callers to receive a clear and sharp voice.

Premium Sound Quality Earbuds LUMOS TEMPO – In conclusion, both dear and I really like the LUMOS TEMPO Earbuds, He enjoyed the bass that the earbuds produced and commented that they were comparable with the more expensive ones that he owns. That came as no surprise to me because the Team at LUMOS has tested and calibrated the bass, midrange, and treble to the most optimal setting - Trinity360 brings out the most well-rounded & true-to-original character of your music.

                                       Love the earbuds LUMOS TEMPO

My favorite feature of the LUMOS TEMPO earbuds is the long-lasting battery and longest 30-Hour Battery Life -LUMOS TEMPO packs the longest 30 hours of battery life vs 5-20 hours for other brands. It is refreshing to have a pair of earbuds that I can rely on going through the week enjoying my music without having to deal with dead earbuds or constantly having to charge the earbuds. If you are looking for an affordable pair of earbuds, which is of great quality and value the LUMOS TEMPO is definitely the choice.


  1. I've heard such good things about noise cancelling ear buds - my iPhone ones are great but they're not wireless and I'm always snagging the wire when I'm running. These Lumos ones look amazing, I'll have to check them out!

  2. I don't have this brand but I have very similar ones and I love them. I used to live in Singapore and think it's awesome that you live there :)

  3. Great review! I'll definitely check these out when I need a new pair of wireless earbuds! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I lost my earbuds so I so need to look into these. I bought wireless headphones to watch TV as sometimes it get supers noisy where I live b/c of illegal street racing. Thanks of the heads up on these.

    Allie of

  5. Nice review. I don't know if this brand is available here in USA.

  6. I didn't know this brand before, but the earbuds sound cool. Thanks for the review!

  7. Great review, these sound fab :)

    mia // https://miasdiyprojects.com/