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Hi there! My name is Eveclair - Singapore's Hair, Beauty & Lifestyle blogger and the lady behind Sweet Bunny Lobang - Singapore's Home Organisation, Hair, Beauty & Lifestyle blog!

My blog focuses on quite a few topics, such as Singapore beauty & lifestyle, hair products reviews in Singapore, Skincare products reviews in Singapore, and Cafe & restaurant reviews in Singapore. Having a short attention span contributes to me being a Jane of all trades. Hope you are too kind as not to judge me and say master of none.

My email address is moiblessings87@gmail.com  feel free to contact me for a collaboration. 

In case you were wondering what lobang means: it means hole or gap in the Malay language Singapore. It is actually a Singlish word derived from the Hokkien/Teochew word kan tau which means opportunity. I am born in the year of the rabbit and rabbits live in holes, don't they? hence sweet bunny lobang was the name most befitting my blog.

Being a thrifty individual, I am always on the lookout for good deals so I am sort of a Lobang Lady who people would approach if they require assistance in sourcing for stuff or services.

The rabbit who loves sourcing for good deals.

Getting my hair done feels rather therapeutic, a rather relaxing session for me, I understand the pains of getting a bad haircut and suffering the consequences. My hair reviews are unbiased and honest in hopes of helping others in selecting the right salon,  I am also a perfume collector, it is amazing how many different kinds of fragrances and scents are available and the bottles are to die for! All beautifully designed and crafted.

I adore animals of all shapes and sizes and watching them just fascinates me, interacting with the domestic ones is an even bigger treat! As for the wild ones admiring and studying them to gain more awareness is pleasant enough. 

I  also have the desire to be a philanthropist as I strongly believe in giving back to society, having gone thru rough patches in my life has indeed made me empathetic to the trials and tribulations
that others face in daily life.   

In short …  I am a very ordinary person who seeks a wholesome approach to life. I hope my blog would prove to be useful.

Disclaimer: The majority of the services and products I feature on my blog are not sponsored I paid for services and products or a Barter exchange. 

*An indication will be made if the product is sponsored. 

I do not influence, I recommend - Eveclair 

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