Budding Artist

 This page is dedicated to giving the local artist of Singapore, support and exposure, I hope to provide the artistic community with a space to display their art in the hope to help their small businesses grow and blossom. 

Featuring the Budding Artist of Singapore - If you are an artist or know an artist that would like to be feature feel free to drop me an email :) Artists put in many hours of dedication into their craft and deserve all the support we can give them. 

We Rise By Lifting Others

 Click on the links below to read reviews on each artist, Do lend them your support. 


The Shy Crafter

“I love making impressions of miniature food, local snacks especially. Since then, I’ve also made mini polymer clay desserts, flowers & even figures of paw friends!

 -The Shy Crafter




Fei Mao Liulian/ Fat Cat Durian 

As Durian lovers, we take inspiration from the different types of Durian to design our artwork. We are starting off with 3 main characters. We'll be launching a series of FML products in the near future as well as introduce new characters”

-Fei Mao Liulian/ Fat Cat Durain






























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