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Where to Buy the Perfect Birthday Gift for Family and Friends - Sweet Bunny

Birthdays are the time of the year that you can show your appreciation to your loved ones, food-wise. I always know where to take them or what to buy for them, but gifting-wise has always been a tough cookie for me, especially when you have multiple people to shop for in a month.

                                                        Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

Care packs Singapore customisable with to-door delivery- Customisable care packs have gained popularity over the years. Perhaps they are like an updated version of gift hampers in a box. The cardboard box does give the gifts inside a sense of mystery and is a sustainable option as these boxes can be recycled or used as a memory box to store all your keepsakes, letters and cards from family and friends. Having these care packs thoughtfully packed and shipped to your or the recipient's home is very convenient. I usually make my orders a month in advance to avoid forgetting a birthday.

September is a month when I have five friends and family members, and this year I decided to kill two birds with one stone and have two care packages delivered to two of my loved ones.

Birthday in the same month

How to select a suitable care pack vendor for Birthdays – I spent a few evenings checking out every Vendor in Singapore offering care packs and found that the concept was similar. You could choose a readily packed care pack or select a range of products to build your care pack. I usually prefer to develop my care pack because readily packed items may consist of items that the recipient might not use and would be a waste. I try to follow these steps when selecting a vendor.

1) Write down the recipients' interests and likes; this will help you decide on items that suit them best.

2) Check if the Vendor has the most items in stock that could create the care pack.

3) Items and shipping costs are within your budget for the gifts

The victor of my search was LOVA, mainly because they have items in stock that are appropriate for my recipients and the easy-to-navigate website; the UI UX is impressive. Furthermore, you support three to six local businesses when you purchase from LOVA.

                             LOVA - Your partner in gifting solutions webpage

LOVA's curated assortment

Best Gifts for Your Husband He will Genuinely Love – I selected from LOVA's curated assortment the Chug & Chill set because dear loves to snack on nuts, he is not much of a drinker, but the marble coaster would come in useful. I wanted the items to send a message to him; unfortunately, some things were too close to the expiry date, and the Vendor updated me before packaging the care pack. They were responsible for notifying the customer and ensuring everything was in good order.

CHILL & CHUG set from LOVA

My message, cheesy as it might seem from the items, would be:

I love and respect you; love and Respect Beers - Brewlander // 2 x Beers* (330ml each)

Life is a Roller coaster. I am glad that I get to enjoy the ride with you. - LOVA // 2 x Coasters*

I am nuts about you - With Love, Gretel // 2 x Sprouted Superfoods Snacks.

Dear was thrilled with his gift. He received 2 Respect Beers from Brewlander, LOVA white marble coaters which were made of natural marble that really impressed us, instead of the cheap plastic or paper kind we are used to seeing or receiving. 3 packets of Gretel nuts are packed neatly in a recyclable, eco-friendly gift box with a hand-tied ribbon and a handwritten card with your personalised message from me.

                           Handwritten message from LOVA

Self-Care Gift Box for a Sister -The second gift I opted to get was customised to my liking because it was my sister's birthday. I wanted to prepare a surprise for her. The process of designing a box is straightforward. In just 3 simple steps, you can customise a gift set. I like that we have options for the colours of ribbon and paper confetti stuffing, which gives each gift a personal touch.

Build a box LOVA

Interactive and easy-to-preview gift customisation – I cannot stop raving about how cool LOVA's Build a box function is. Seeing the items, colours and options you select come together in a beautiful preview is epic. It reminds me of Cher's closet in the movie Clueless but instead of clothes, gifts.

clueless cher's closet

Interactive care pack website LOVA

My sister was very touched; I reminded her that she mentioned that she wanted a care pack when we were creating one together for a relative last year. She said the book from the local author Wong Lai Chun was what she needed at this junction of life. Accompanied with Aromatherapy and bath items from The Scent Apothecary and Alletsoap to aid with destressing and self-care. 

                                Design a box LOVA

The delightful care packages were delivered to my place after office hours, just in time for me to receive them. Neatly wrapped in badge paper to prevent the box from getting dirty during delivery was a nice touch. The gold fold and high-quality ribbon's branding caught our attention. I believe that giving these out as corporate gifts would be a nice touch for staff in a company or for clients.

Credit for Screenshots: LOVA with LOVA's permission.

A Special Birthday at Home thanks to Amici Events and Catering - Sweet Bunny

We celebrated my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday at home this year due to the spike of covid-19 cases and also for the reason that we can enjoy good company without a time limit.

Simple birthday decoration at home with Balloons- My sister purchased balloons and a banner from my go-to balloon supplier, Mr Party I have used this vendor many times before and found them to be very efficient, helpful and reliable. The balloons are of very good quality. I like helium balloons are they float neatly around and easily spruce up the place. I clipped on the banner with clothing pegs onto my curtains, it gives a really nice ambience to my living, it did that also because yes we might have blu tack available but I would rather avoid damaging my beautifully painted walls.

                                         Grey Curtain Balloons Happy Birthday Banner

We also should bear in mind to dispose of the balloons in a responsible manner as it can be harmful to animals and the environment, never allow a balloon to float away into the sky as we never know where it lands and animals might eat it by mistake. I believe we can enjoy the little things in a life that sparks joy in us as long as we are responsible and find the best way to dispose of the items without harming the environment.

For once I was thankful that we were able to switch from white lights to yellow in my home creating a relaxing and romantic ambience to our home. I normally dislike the warmer tones of lights as I have very sensitive eyes. For this special occasion, I was thankful my eye was able to tolerate the tone of the lighting. I laid out the table and sure everything was set and in place and ready for our special guest.

Amici  paperbag

Dinner table  Amici catering

Luxury catering for a sumptuous private feast at home- I have ordered a mother's day feast earlier this year from Amici and my family raved about how good the food tasted henceforth I recommended the caterer to many of my friends and family members, Amici is a halal-certified boutique caterer which is definitely worth ordering from. My sister's boyfriend wanted to have Indian cuisine for his birthday so she ordered 4 sets of the De Luxe Indian, Kafta Spicy Lamb Set. Each meal consisted of

• Broiled Lamb Kofta in Rich Creamy Spicy Sauce
Minced Lamb Ball with Cashew Nuts, Coconut Cream and Fresh Mint

• Tawa Fried Leavened Stuffed Bread
Sous Vide Hand Crushed Potatoes with Turmeric and Cilantro

• Mung Bean and Courgette Stew
Summer Squash, Tomatoes, Curry leaf and Crushed Cumin

• Barbeque Mushroom and Duo Capsicum Kebab
Amchur Powder, Mint and Mango Aioli

De Luxe Bento comes with Salad + Dessert of the day.
Served in Lacquered Box and Steel Cutleries.

Amici catering De Luxe Indian, Kafta Spicy Lamb Set

Amici catering De Luxe Indian,

Amici catering cutlery

The Best Indian cuisine catering in Singapore – We were expecting the typical plastic bento set with plastic cutlery etc. but were blown away with the packaging. We were greeted by Japanese lacquer styled bento boxes that looked very premium and the metal cutlery was kept neatly in a metal Amici branded case. We were all really impressed. Even the paper bag that they placed in looks lavish. Each set cost SGD$42.00 but is worth every cent, the meal was very filling and delicious. Accompanied with wine that we have bought, Bersano Moscato D'asti Monteolivio, we have a lively and sumptuous dinner.
Happy Birthday Group Photo

My Review on kāi Personal Planner - By Sweet Bunny

I made a pre-order for a personal planner back in November last year as a birthday treat for myself. I prefer physical planners compared to their digital counterpart because I find that when you write things down you tend to have a better recollection of task and events.

Iamkai personal planner flat lay

kāi person personal planner the best planners in Singapore – I chose the mint coloured planner as I love the vibrant green tone. I really like that every month begins with 2 pages of motivation messages followed by another 2 pages where you could fill in with the month’s notes I usually fill these pages with my aspirations for the month and decorate them with stickers.

Dimensions and information about the kāi Personal Planner -   The hard cover-bound bi-cast leather planner at 14.0 cm x 18.8 cm and thickness of 1.9cm is the perfect size as it is light and compact enough to fit into a handbag without being too bulky or heavy. With 196 pages, the 12-month planner is printed in full colour which makes the planner very visually engaging yet not too distracting.

There is a very good flow for your plans and thought as the planner is structured in a way that is very concise. I like the Monthly pages where you could see your plans for the month in a glance and the weekly pages are just right to fill in notes for the day the checklist on the side is a great addition as you check off your daily goals. I absolutely love the ribbon bookmark a must-have in any planner I must say, a back pocket to store random notes or sticker which is pretty handy and 2 pages of motivational sticker ending with additional gird pages at the back.

back and front mint green planner

Self-reflection planner – What I liked most about this planner is that it helps you reflect on your moods and thoughts. On the Monthly page, there are faces that you could fill with emotion on how you felt that day.

It helps when it struck me that I was unhappy for a week and I would question myself on why was that and what could be done to change my days to be more positive and enriching. I also like that at the end of every week there is a small Colum where you could write what you are most grateful for. Sometimes we tend to take things for granted but we must always remember that we are fortunate in our own way it is just that we have to look harder for every blessing that comes to us.

January page colourful i am kai

How the planner can be improved – 

The planner is awesome! It is definitely one that I would purchase every year but it lacks a pen loop. I purchased one from Typo and stick it on to the back cover of the planner so I could always scribble in my planner on the go without having to scramble for my pencil box. I also place my planner in a zipper folder when I am on the go this prevent the pages from being accidentally by items in my bag or folded.

Keep it up, Christabel! I love your brand and the wonderful note to us stickers, which gives me encouragement and the motivation to push on.


typo tiger pen loop

                                          Not the design that I liked but it was the only one available when I went to Typo.

Balloons for all Occasions - Sweet Bunny

Throwback to Christmas Eve 2019 a relative’s kid was hospitalised due to dengue fever, the poor child was hospitalised for 6 days and I wanted to cheer her up.
I wanted to get her a get well hamper but sadly during this festive season it was nearly impossible to get anything sent on Christmas day…

Thankfully Mr Party came to my rescue.

Get Well Soon Balloons - This was the second time I bought balloons and a stuffed animal for a child who was hospitalised a year back I made the same purchase for a colleague’s kid. I usually purchase from the webpage, Ms Eilyn Tan would respond to my orders and she is excellent, she would always give me her recommendation and assurance that my gift and balloon will be delivered promptly. Mr Party has never failed to keep me updated on the delivery no long later I would receive a message from the parent of a happy child.

mr party get well soon ballon

Wide range of balloons for all Occasions –You would be amazed at the different kinds of balloons that Mr Party has available. They have a wide range of balloons for every occasion from Birthdays for both kids and adults, Weddings, and Gender reveal Balloons, Hen or Stag parties to Balloons for Graduations. They even have balloons in Chinese characters. Talk about being spoiled for choice!

unicorn balloon

Personalised Helium Balloons – Of all the balloons what really caught my eye was the personalised balloons they were beautifully styled with the option to add in your own words and names. Now isn’t that just dandy!

balloon for all occasion

Mr Party is indeed my go-to vendor for balloons because they helped me bring smiles to kids faces twice :) 

Mr Party
32 New Market Rd, #03-1114 next to OG, above Food Centre, People's Park Complex, Singapore 050032
Phone: 9699 3467

Note: All Screenshots in this post were taken with permission from Mr Party, this is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

Planning a 30th birthday celebration

 I celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, in my earlier post ( How we spent my boyfriends #30th Birthday) I wrote about how we spent his special day. For every event and occasion, preparation and organisation are required. I instantly knew that the butterfly park and insect kingdom would be a hit with him because of his love of these live creepy crawlies.

In this day and age where apps are the rage, these applications offer a wide range of products and services. I was very thankful that I stumbled upon the weekend go where app, as the name suggested it is an app that has a comprehensive list of the attractions and places of interest in Singapore and the South-East Asian region. The best part about the app is the discounted prices of the tickets! Some of the attractions are at up to $10.00 off.  That's a steal!

If you prefer to use the computer to coordinate the booking of your tickets you may proceed to their website.

Get Tickets to Gardens By The Bay at a Cheaper Price - Sweet Bunny

For dear's birthday this year I decided to take him to gardens by the bay. After hours of surfing the web in search of tickets at a better price I found the best bargain is available on Qoo10 at a store named Asia Trust. The tickets which were valid for 3 months were going at $11.89.  At the admission tickets were sold at $20.00 Local rate at the admission.

Talk about the amount of money saved and time saved from queuing up to purchase the tickets.

It is as simple as buying your tickets from Qoo10 and heading down to Chinatown to collect, awesome fuss free experience.

Heading down to the gardens was a breeze as the down-town line made it very accessible, walking through esplanade park was a treat as well despite the blazing heat of the afternoon sun. The lush greenery was breath taking.

Gardens by the bay singapore