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Candy Crush Sage

If you like bedazzled blitz you would be an instant fan of Candy Crush sage by King.com.

Play it on the go on your phone or online on Facebook  This is a totally addictive game as you strive to get higher scores and complete each level.

The game follows the traditional match-three rules, it has the usual power ups and unlike bedazzle bliss instead of a time limit you have lives. When you can't complete a level and for-fill the requirement and is out of lives you have to wait a couple of minutes for the live to be earn back or you could take the easy way out and buy lives or boosters with actual money,  Facebook credits or request for more lives from your Facebook Friends.

My love hate affair with Sim Social

Ah ... Sim Social ....

But first a little history on the sims...

When I was in primary 6 my elder sis brought home this game called The Sims and I instantly fell in love with it. It was a hit world wide as well, like come on who wouldn't like building your dream home and decorating it as well as controlling a person to do what ever you please with him or her.

I would spent hours each day playing this game running my sims's life, taking snap shots with the camera mode and writing mini stories about them... I even saved up to buy all the expansion, in these expansions came  new furniture, functions and event, it was a treat each time I got one.

Then came The Sims 2, at first I withheld buying the series as I amused that it would roughly be the same old stuff and functions as the first batch.  Well in the end I gave in to my curiosity and bought the sims 2,  I was hooked... the graphics were awesome and now they even added in a life cycle, in the previous version your sims never grew old and a child sim would stay as one forever.

A couple of years later came The sims 3, I bought the first instalment and stopped there because I felt that it was ridiculous buying the same game and concept all over again. Yes there are many new functions and the graphics were great but will this sim cycle never end ?

Years later EA launched sim social on Facebook, ah finally a sim game I can play without spending money ... Wrong, I started playing for a while and hated the fact that you needed energy and most of the items needed sim cash.  Well game firms need to make money in order to survive I guess so can we blame them?

I stopped for a couple of months as there wasn't much I could do in the game server months later I went back to playing as I was bored.  To my surprise there were many improvements, such as the time you waited for energy was shorten and there was plenty more furniture to choose from and most importantly the game doesn't crash as often as when it was first launched.


There are still a couple of things that I dislike in the game like the short amount of time given to complete each quest and most of the stuff has to be made from scratch by gathering items to craft it. The easy way out is to buy sim cash to purchase those items you needed but spending real money on a virtual game? Well I have to admit that I gave in a couple of times but in the long run, I don't really like spending hard earned money on sometime so frivolous and what if they shut the game down one day just like Restaurant city wouldn't all your "investments" go down the drain?

Restaurant City2

Well in the name of fun, I continue to play this game to pass time.  I chose to add more friends to my account to obtain the crafting materials inst4ead of buying sim cash, I have also  made some friends during this process as we helped each other through each quest or level that we wanted to attain. On the downside some people feel that it's an invasion of their privacy adding strangers. So far I guess I have been lucky, no weird stalkers or anything...

All in all, I still love this game, yes it pisses me off at times but the amount of joy and satisfaction of completing each quest out weights the cons of this game.      

Well that's my thoughts on Sim Social, Love it or hate it I believe it is here to stay for a long time ... So keep up the good work EA Team ...