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Long awaited meet up with my sec school sisters

It has been a year since we last met up, work life and other commitments might have kept us apart but when we gather it is like secondary school all over again...

I know many people have made very judgemental and unkind remarks about being in an all girls' school, that's just because they haven't been to one I guess. I loved the experience, it was a very caring and nurturing environment for a teenager. At the most delicate moments of our lives when we were at our geekiest we knew that we always had our girlfriend to rely on.

Even when we barely keep in touch we know that the bond is still there, chatting endlessly on time gone by, our current relationships and  work. With good company one can never tire.

Dinner at Bibigo Hot Stone at Nex was a pleasant affair,  apart from the grouchy waitress, the food was awesome. The thing I love about korean food is you can eat every morsel and not feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Credits to Katty for the photos.

  Had the beef and mushrooms hot pot, I totally love that the portion was generous and the food was fresh and tasty. Best part it's all healthy ! Food is not at all oily or greasy. Only wished the side dishes were refillable lol. I'm a kimchi nut can't get enough of it.

As it was a weekday we all had to head home earlier due to work the next day, so we took one last group shot with my casio tr 150 an awesome camera with awesome features.When I posted the photo my friends loved the quality, It made us all look prettier lol even after a long tiring day at work.

 Cheers to my sec school sisters !!!