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Where to Buy the Perfect Birthday Gift for Family and Friends - Sweet Bunny

Birthdays are the time of the year that you can show your appreciation to your loved ones, food-wise. I always know where to take them or what to buy for them, but gifting-wise has always been a tough cookie for me, especially when you have multiple people to shop for in a month.

                                                        Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

Care packs Singapore customisable with to-door delivery- Customisable care packs have gained popularity over the years. Perhaps they are like an updated version of gift hampers in a box. The cardboard box does give the gifts inside a sense of mystery and is a sustainable option as these boxes can be recycled or used as a memory box to store all your keepsakes, letters and cards from family and friends. Having these care packs thoughtfully packed and shipped to your or the recipient's home is very convenient. I usually make my orders a month in advance to avoid forgetting a birthday.

September is a month when I have five friends and family members, and this year I decided to kill two birds with one stone and have two care packages delivered to two of my loved ones.

Birthday in the same month

How to select a suitable care pack vendor for Birthdays – I spent a few evenings checking out every Vendor in Singapore offering care packs and found that the concept was similar. You could choose a readily packed care pack or select a range of products to build your care pack. I usually prefer to develop my care pack because readily packed items may consist of items that the recipient might not use and would be a waste. I try to follow these steps when selecting a vendor.

1) Write down the recipients' interests and likes; this will help you decide on items that suit them best.

2) Check if the Vendor has the most items in stock that could create the care pack.

3) Items and shipping costs are within your budget for the gifts

The victor of my search was LOVA, mainly because they have items in stock that are appropriate for my recipients and the easy-to-navigate website; the UI UX is impressive. Furthermore, you support three to six local businesses when you purchase from LOVA.

                             LOVA - Your partner in gifting solutions webpage

LOVA's curated assortment

Best Gifts for Your Husband He will Genuinely Love – I selected from LOVA's curated assortment the Chug & Chill set because dear loves to snack on nuts, he is not much of a drinker, but the marble coaster would come in useful. I wanted the items to send a message to him; unfortunately, some things were too close to the expiry date, and the Vendor updated me before packaging the care pack. They were responsible for notifying the customer and ensuring everything was in good order.

CHILL & CHUG set from LOVA

My message, cheesy as it might seem from the items, would be:

I love and respect you; love and Respect Beers - Brewlander // 2 x Beers* (330ml each)

Life is a Roller coaster. I am glad that I get to enjoy the ride with you. - LOVA // 2 x Coasters*

I am nuts about you - With Love, Gretel // 2 x Sprouted Superfoods Snacks.

Dear was thrilled with his gift. He received 2 Respect Beers from Brewlander, LOVA white marble coaters which were made of natural marble that really impressed us, instead of the cheap plastic or paper kind we are used to seeing or receiving. 3 packets of Gretel nuts are packed neatly in a recyclable, eco-friendly gift box with a hand-tied ribbon and a handwritten card with your personalised message from me.

                           Handwritten message from LOVA

Self-Care Gift Box for a Sister -The second gift I opted to get was customised to my liking because it was my sister's birthday. I wanted to prepare a surprise for her. The process of designing a box is straightforward. In just 3 simple steps, you can customise a gift set. I like that we have options for the colours of ribbon and paper confetti stuffing, which gives each gift a personal touch.

Build a box LOVA

Interactive and easy-to-preview gift customisation – I cannot stop raving about how cool LOVA's Build a box function is. Seeing the items, colours and options you select come together in a beautiful preview is epic. It reminds me of Cher's closet in the movie Clueless but instead of clothes, gifts.

clueless cher's closet

Interactive care pack website LOVA

My sister was very touched; I reminded her that she mentioned that she wanted a care pack when we were creating one together for a relative last year. She said the book from the local author Wong Lai Chun was what she needed at this junction of life. Accompanied with Aromatherapy and bath items from The Scent Apothecary and Alletsoap to aid with destressing and self-care. 

                                Design a box LOVA

The delightful care packages were delivered to my place after office hours, just in time for me to receive them. Neatly wrapped in badge paper to prevent the box from getting dirty during delivery was a nice touch. The gold fold and high-quality ribbon's branding caught our attention. I believe that giving these out as corporate gifts would be a nice touch for staff in a company or for clients.

Credit for Screenshots: LOVA with LOVA's permission.

JL Heart Jade Earrings a symbol of a niece's love - Sweet Bunny

Family is the one constant element in life- my dearest aunt has always been there for my family and me. Her generous and loving ways always brought so much love and laughter to our lives. My late father had always spoken about his elder sister with so much admiration and respect. Since we were kids, my aunt often took the time to take my sister and me for an outing at a shopping mall to spend an afternoon with her. She would treat us to lunch and shower us with gifts. Never has she turned a listening ear or us away when we needed motherly advice. Listening to her stories about her work life and career was the most fabulous treat. My aunt has genuinely inspired me to always better myself and be strong in difficult times.

How to show appreciation to your Aunts- the most valuable thing you could give your relatives is your time and attention. Speaking of attention, try to remember what they said that they liked for my case; it was my aunt mentioning that she loved jade. My sister and I decided to get a pair of Jade earrings for my aunt’s birthday.


Hubby and I purchased a pair of earrings for my sister for her birthday earlier this year, and it so happens that my aunt and my birthdays both fall in the same month. I had trouble selecting the perfect pair of earrings for my aunt until Hubby suggested I get the same design he chose for my sister, making it a set of three pairs of matching earrings in different colours. That was a brilliant idea, a couple of jade earrings for the women in my family that I treasure.

I invited the owner of JL Heart, Juat Li, to share about her store and what inspires her to create these lovely jewellery pieces.

It’s not just jewellery; it’s life.

To me, jewellery is not just for making you look lovely. It’s a way for you to express yourself.

Many of us get jewellery to commemorate special moments in life. I’ve made jewellery for weddings, births, graduations, birthdays, and so much more.

Every time we put on that particular piece of jewellery, it brings back happy moments. And that is precisely why I’m hooked on JL Heart.

Whenever I make jewellery for you and hear about your life stories or see your lovely photos, it adds meaning to my work and fuels me much more than my corporate career.

Thank you, Eveclair, for giving me the chance to make these Swirling Leaves Jade Earrings for you, and I hope they get to go through life’s precious moments with you.

Swirling Leaves Jade Earrings
Swirling Leaves Jade Earrings

Thank you, Juan Li, for sharing and creating such lovely works of art that my family will always treasure.

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Online in Singapore - Sweet Bunny

It is after retail hours and you just realized that you need to get a certain someone a gift for Christmas. When panic starts to arise, take a deep breath and take comfort because there is always the World Wide Web you could turn to.

When time is in the crunch the best option is to purchase from a local and reliable online store. Zalora and Redmart are the 2 sites which I frequent and found them to be both reliable and value for money. They both have consignments with popular brands and carry a wide range of products.

Redmart is she serious? Don’t they just sell groceries as they advertised?

Why I shop on Redmart -Yes, they are mainly a grocer but as I said earlier they have consignments with a couple of baths, perfume, makeup, stationery etc companies.

A wide range of gift ideas - The range is pretty impressive, there is a good selection of toys for the kids, perfumes or bath products for the adults. Nice mugs that would make good gifts for office colleagues.

Shop for your drugstore makeup - Being able to purchase drug-store make up such as la girls concealers, wet and wild eyeshadow is a treat for me, just a click away, I can even buy my groceries as well as my make up in the evenings when I get back from work. I also love the fact that you can arrange the time they deliver your items, just got back from work no problem, your items will be arriving shortly how awesome is that?

A screenshot of Redmarts webpage 

Why the HP Sprocket Printer is the best birthday gift - Sweet Bunny

For my 30th Birthday, darling bought me an HP Sprocket Printer because he knows that I am gadget geek/ shutterbug. It was the perfect gift since I adore decorating my planner and scrapbooks with photographs making the HP Sprocket a very useful tool indeed.