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A heart for recycling, Han Recycling Management - Sweet Bunny

It all began with a pair of shoes that didn’t fit me well, they were brand new too good to throw out as it was only worn once before. At a loss, I kept the shoes in the cabinet for a couple of months but was irritated by the fact that it was just occupying space and not being used by someone who may need a good pair of shoes.

Due to the situation with covid-19 many thrift shops in my area have stopped collecting items but as luck would have it, I received a flyer on my gate from Han Recycling Management requesting old clothes, shoes, books, magazines, bags, luggage, plates and bowls. Normally I would just ignore such flyers as they usually are from scammers who pose as a recycling company or charitable organisation. These individuals would throw away our recyclable items in the trash and take only what was of value to sell. 

Practice recycling and reusing - I was sceptical about the company at first until I viewed its Instagram account. Mr Han, the company owner, sorts out the items that can be sent to the recycling centres to scrap from the unrecyclable stuff. For items that are still in good and working condition, he delivers them to people in need. Reusing items that are still in good condition is great for the environment because it reduces the number of trash lying in a landfill releasing toxic greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane into the environment.

                                          Han Recycling Management 

You will be surprised at the number of clothes, small electronics and kitchen essentials that are still in working condition, items which people would gladly donate. Knowing the fact that my shoes and clothes would benefit someone sets my mind at ease to pass my items to Han Recycling Management.

Kudos to Mr Han for having heart of gold, watching kids enjoying their bicycles, and seeing the needy of Singapore getting the clothing, appliances, or gadgets they require and benefiting from his good deeds really warms the heart. I can truly tell that he has a passion for his job; people might say he is just a rag and bones man just like any other company but I would differ and gladly vouch for the company. When your heart is in the right place, your actions will speak volumes of your good deeds.

Should ever I see the flyer from Han Recycling Management again I will gladly give what I can spare, the true spirit of reusing and recycling is in making full use of what you already have. For greener earth, let’s all do our part and be a more caring and considerate society.

Apologies as I didn't take a photo of the flyer so I grabbed one I found online instead, I will update with a better one the next time, a donation is requested.

Han Recycling Management  honest kind and trusted

Update: Yup I finally got my hands on the flyer because Mr Han is coming back to my area.

Singapore Debra International: Debra Singapore Support Group for Epidermolysis Bullosa. Sweet Bunny

Channel News Asia Singapore - On a recent documentary broadcast by Channel News Asia, I came to learn about a skin disease called epidermolysis bullosa or EB. I don't know all symptoms of epidermolysis bullosa but Epidermolysis Bullosa Disease is a rare group of diseases which cause the skin to be very brittle, interactions with the skin such rubbing, heat, scratching or even touching may induce blistering. Children who suffer from this are known as butterfly children because butterfly wings being very fragile akin to the children’s skin.

Channel News Asia Documentary - Watching the documentary ON Channel News Asia, really tugged at my heartstrings, I have gone thru a case of irritant contact dermatitis with my hands about a decade ago, a mere fraction of the pain and suffering both mentally and physically that butterfly children have to thru all their lives. There might not be a cure for it now but as medical technology advances, there is always hope.

Singapore - Debra International: Debra Singapore Support Group for Epidermolysis Bullosa in Singapore - Sweet Bunny

Want to volunteer or make a donation to worthy cause but not sure where ? -

Meet-up Group in Singapore -  I first heard about this website from an organiser of Singapore meet-up groups, he said that this was a good resource for getting information on which charitable communities require assistance. I prefer to participate in different meet-up groups and gather for the sake of good knowledge and information and this is a good one which I am sharing with you.

Giving made simple, fun and meaningful - Read More By Sweet Bunny Lobang Website

As stated on the webpage, all in one giving, three methods that you could contribute back to the society.
Mainly by donating funds to a charitable cause, volunteering at an organization or setting up your own fundraising for the charity of your choice.

The site sets each cause into categories, such as animal welfare, for the elderly or for the children etc. I found that it was easy to navigate as well as very informative, I was able to gain more awareness of the different charitable organizations based in Singapore

It was very convenient to make my donations using this website as I could contribute to different organizations at one go instead of mailing out cheques or waiting for the organizations to have a flag day. For certain organization, there is tax relief on charity donations you make all you have to do is key in your details for the tax deduction receipts for donations.
As for volunteering, you could filter thru the ad-hoc volunteering events and the regular volunteering events, making it easier for a working adult such as myself to set aside time to do my part.

So what are you waiting for? Lend a helping hand and donate today because it is a blessing to be a blessing to others.

For more information, Email me: - Thank You!!!

Siloamxperience Outreach Limited

Back in July, I popped by Siloamxperience Outreach Limited to donate some items. I got to know about this organisation thru Facebook when I chanced upon their post requesting for old water bottles and school bags for the children in Cambodia. The response was phenomenal; you could say that the post went viral, there were enough for 2 schools instead of one; it really warms your heart when you think of all the children who will benefit from this collection.

My experience with a volunteer group from - Sweet Bunny

Meetup websites have been in the rage for the last couple of years. An excellent and safe way to meet new people with similar interests.

I am interested in giving back to society but searching for an avenue could be tedious. Questions such as these arise when making my decision :
There are many organisations out there, but which one to approach?
What if you don't want to commit to just that one organisation?

Giving back - Sweet Bunny

I have always been interested in charitable work but never set out to do it. Until recently, my younger sis asked me to help the Canossian Sisters fold clothes and sort out donated items.

.Later that week, the clothing would be sent over by air to several parts of the Philippines. We assembled at the Catholic Archdiocesan Youth Centre and were greeted warmly by a volunteer, primarily aunties. You would have understood what she meant if you saw the mountains of clothes and random items. They went good good good, more help.