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I am contented that I have completed my studies at SSTC, took my final few papers last week. Juggling studies, my blog shop, my day job and going to flea markets is no joke.  I don't wish to do that too often, kinda made me neglected my health and everyone knows that health is wealth.

My night classes journey

Going back to school after all these year is one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

Yes it was tough juggling work and school and Yes it was tough when I first started school, being blur and not being able to understand the lecturer.

As time went by things got better with practice and  hard work, I managed to get by and even impress my lecturer. She said that I should consider going to university, for now my mind is set on completing my diploma. University, much easier said then done, the expenses, the difficulty, the time... faints.

Best of all I made new friends, ladies who work in the same profession, we exchanged experiences, confided in each other , formed study groups and had a blast.

I am not really confident in scoring well for my last exam but like my friends say there is no point in worrying. If I failed I will just do my best the next time. It is great to have the support of friends that are running the same course as you are. Going through the journey of  upgrading oneself. 

My Birthday, 26

Been a year since I have started my blog.
2013, an interesting year, I went to Taiwan, Broke up with my long time boyfriend of 4 years, went to school and now facing my exams ....

 A little too much drama for my liking at 25 ... I just hope 26 would be  filled with much less heartache and disappointment.

Back to school - day 1

I'm all set to going back to school , bought a bunch of essentials such as a pencil box , note books ect ...

Totally love my new forever friend's pencil box. Affordable and pretty, just the way I like it.

My dearest friend Si Jie gave me a whole bunch of stationery, she used to work for a supplier years ago and the clever gal stocked up on stationery buying them for her company at cost price. Thanks to her I'm all ready to go.

The first lesson was quiet a mouthful to swallow it has been 10 years since I stepped in to a classroom and I do find it difficult to catch up. Am really very thank for for Si Jie being my course mate , always telling me to relax, chill. Thank god for girl pals! Isn't she just the sweetest.

Well I am not going to admit to defeat  so easily, I am going to work my ass off and prove to those who look down on me.

Wish me luck dear online friends ! I know I'm going to need it .

Haha I have a life long wish to visit Japan, Perhaps I will one day . Till then I can only use my imagination and photoshop hahaha....

The dress I'm wearing is from My little Bow . http://mylittlebow.com/
Do check them out !

Going back to school with a dear friend

I am thrilled to finally be able to go back to school and upgrade myself. Due to circumstances my dear friend and I weren't able to get our diploma until this age.

I used to be so ashamed by only having an ITE certificate, I have tried applying for government polytechnics and was very disheartening as the traineeship course I took in ITE isn't linked to any other courses. Being rejected for courses time and time again is not piece of cake, really bashes your confidence.   

Well this year, I applied for a course in a private school with my friend, thanks to NTUC for applying the SEP for me. This grant will really help me with my school fees.

If you ever find yourself in my situation my advice to you is not to ever give up. My ex-boss from the ite traineeship course used to say he hires us because we have nowhere to run and will stick with the work we know. Well if I could see him today I would say, Dr Chua, you were dead wrong, I left reinvented myself, worked hard and carved out a lively-hood for myself.

I worked really hard to save up for my course fees. Sometimes in life the only one you can depend on is yourself. I was let down many times with empty promises and dashed dreams but I never gave up.
I strived on and worked hard to pave my way to school.

Am glad my friend's boss has offered to sponsor her for her course, off to school we go! At least we have each other to count on as we study together.

Wish us luck!