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Value Dollar store in Singapore has a great selection of drinks - Sweetbunny

As the title of this post suggests, My rare finds are of the beverage category.

First is my all time favourite Nestea Thai Ice Tea, I  usually have to bring this in when I am in Thailand or make my purchase at Golden Mile Complex, now that it is sold in Value Dollar it saves me the hassle and I could enjoy my favourite drink.

Nestea Thai Ice Tea

Tong Hai Department Store - Sweet Bunny

Unfortunately, my family member was diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this year, and an ostomy was done.

Tong Hai department store front

Bangkok - Saving time and money on public transportation - Sweet Bunny

Bangkok is a bustling capital city of Thailand and a popular holiday destination. Being caught in a jam during peak traffic hours or queueing up line after line for train tickets can be a pain, losing precious minutes and hours of vacation.

bangkok roads

My shopping experience with Lazada - Sweet Bunny

My faithful Carlo Rino wallet was finally given out to me; my card was all dropping out each time I opened it. High risk of losing my identification and banking cards!

It was time to begin my quest for a new home for my cash and cards after surveying the market for a decent, stylish and yet functional wallet. The Kate Spade Stacy Charlotte Terrace Leather Wallet in Blue was what I decided on; yes, it is an old model from the wallet collection, but the sleek design and vibrant blue on smooth leather were what caught my eye.

The wallet was retailing at $178.00 at Lazada, a pretty good deal; authenticity-wise, Lazada indicated that it is genuine and there is buyer protection. It was then my mind was set on my first purchase with

Blue Kate Spade Wallet

Get Tickets to Gardens By The Bay at a Cheaper Price - Sweet Bunny

For dear's birthday this year I decided to take him to gardens by the bay. After hours of surfing the web in search of tickets at a better price I found the best bargain is available on Qoo10 at a store named Asia Trust. The tickets which were valid for 3 months were going at $11.89.  At the admission tickets were sold at $20.00 Local rate at the admission.

Talk about the amount of money saved and time saved from queuing up to purchase the tickets.

It is as simple as buying your tickets from Qoo10 and heading down to Chinatown to collect, awesome fuss free experience.

Heading down to the gardens was a breeze as the down-town line made it very accessible, walking through esplanade park was a treat as well despite the blazing heat of the afternoon sun. The lush greenery was breath taking.

Gardens by the bay singapore