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The American Housewife who I Can't Get Enough Of.

I am sick and tired of shows that are overly dramatic, full of sexual scenes and downright scandalous.... Sometimes one has to question ... Where have all the good scriptwriters gone?

After a busy day at work, Double W is what I crave, Double W in my dictionary is Wholesome and Witty. A show that perks up my spirit and tickles my funny bone is all I seek. American housewife the sitcom by ABC answer my need for a refreshing wholesome comedy. 

Save Baby Daddy !

 Baby Daddy the popular television series by Freeform is going to be CANCELED  and I was very upset to hear that season 6 will be its last!

If you have journeyed through the endearing antics with the Wheeler family for the past couple of years. It is only natural that this quirky bunch would just grow on you.

How Fans Are Trying to Save ‘Baby Daddy’

Danny, Ben, Riley, Bonny & Tucker, never fail to bring on endless laughter, every episode is always interesting, Daddy !sometimes a heartwarming moral about being family or just seeing the comedic bond between these individuals just lightens up your day. Thru thick and thin they stuck by each other and help raise Emma.
Emma may I add is just adorable.Watching her transition from babyhood to toddler is just astounding. (Yes I do know she is played by different actresses ).Cancelling now when her character is developing into this wonderful witty little lady is downright dreadful. We want to watch Emma Grow -up at least let this awesome show run till season 10!

Freeform, please reconsider the cancellation, why reinvent the wheel with a crappy new series or even worst, a reality TV show, who no one cares about? Use that budget and continue with the award winning Baby Daddy. Everyone wants a quality comedy to come home to, not more dramatic misery and scandal on our tv screen/laptops.

Sign the petition and help save daddy!


Picture credit to Freeform.

Great television series that were cancelled

For the past couple of years, I have notice a trend of great shows being canned due to low viewership.
It gets really disappointing to have your favourite show cancelled and havng to watch a speed up abrupt ending.

My list of my favourite shows that were cancelled:

Ugly Betty
Year 2006 to 2010