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Getting a Good Night's Sleep by practicing good sleep hygiene - Sweet Bunny

I had insomnia for the longest time, being unable to sleep; staring at the ceiling until my day began was how I spent most of my evenings. Being a caregiver at night while working full-time during the day sort of messed up my internal clock when my caregiving duties ended with a loved one passing. I struggled to get in the biological clock in order.


My friend was very kind. She bought me a lavender pillow for my birthday. It did help a little comfort-wise, but I was still unable to sleep; what really made a difference was completely drawing the curtains and being in total darkness helped the pineal gland to start producing melatonin while light causes that production to stop. I never knew that and mostly had the practice of keeping the curtains open through the night while I slept. Amazingly, the simplest things such as reducing the amount of light in a room could help get you better sleep; knowing this earlier could have prevented me from taking a supplement that was only a temporary fix to my sleep problem, withstanding the side effect the next day was no walk in the park either.

Practising good sleep hygiene contributes to a better night’s sleep and a good night’s sleep gives you the energy for a productive day. I am guilty of having poor sleep hygiene; I had to pay for that during the day when I was usually exhausted, unfocused, and just eager to get back to bed for a good nap.

Inspired, I drew some sheep and started creating a sleep tracker to keep my sleep patterns in check.

How to Track Your Sleep with a Sleep Log/ Tracker - A printable sleep tracker to track my sleep patterns and to collect details such as the number of hours, how energized I feel the next day, as well as other notes such as dreams that disrupted your sleep or too much caffeine, can be written under notes. Knowing your patterns will enable you to change the habits that are causing you precious winks of sleep.

How a sleep tracker works – The Happy Sheep Sleep Tracker I created is to record your sleep pattern for the month up to 31 Days. Start by Shading the month and indicating the time you went to bed on the alarm clock. I enjoyed shading the sheep and find it appropriate for any age group, the sheep with numbers indicated on them to show the number of hours slept. In the printable, there are up to 18 sheep representing 18 hours, not that an adult would need that much sleep but to create the flexibility of use of the tracker, it can be used for new-borns, which requires from 14-17 hours of sleep recommended by the National Sleep Foundation, pre-schooler 10 to 13 hours including naps. 6 to 12-year olds require 9 to 12 hours. 13 to 18 years 8 to 10 hours and finally adults, which need 7 to 8 hours, sleep. 

Fill in the notes section with any details you would like to add about your sleep. 

Under the I need to section, icons are rremindto sleep earlier, have less screen time before bed, have less caffeine, and relax before bedtime. There are two empty icons for you to draw or write what else you should do to improve your sleep quality. At the end of the month, you can rate your sleep quality for the month by shading the sheep at the bottom.


Keeping track of your sleeping habits is a great way to highlight lousy sleep hygiene and keep you on track for a good rest and a productive day ahead. Keeping track of my sleep has helped me get a good’s night rest, and I eliminated having caffeine after 5pm, which I realized was keeping me up at night. Also, limiting the number of hours I watch videos before bedtime also helped.

The printables are available in sizes A4, A5, Letter, and Half-Letter. Do remember to adjust your printer properties before printing. The best part about printables is you can print as many as you like. It is yours forever. If you are interested in purchasing this tracking, it is available on Etsy and my Payhip page. I will also give out bonus items, 2 colouring pages of a girl sleeping with a blindfold and one without a blindfold.  

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Stay tuned for more printables. 



Flotation Therapy at Palm Ave Float Club (Kampong Bugis) - Sweet bunny

                                         Palm Avenue Float Club Sign

I received a gift card from my sister for Christmas last year. It was for a 60-minute float at Palm Ave float club for my hubby and myself. We delayed our trip to the float club for several months due to covid-19 but finally decided to go down and utilise the facilities.

We took a cab down to Kallang River Side Park and what looked like an old building in the middle of nowhere was charming when we entered. We were a little lost, but the kind restaurant staff from the Raw Kitchen Bar on the first floor guided us to which lift to take. When we reached the Float Club, we were greeted by a scenic view of Kallang River Side Park; the sight of old banyan trees and tranquil waters from the windows1 just gives you a sense of relaxation and peace.

Lobby area of Palm Avenue Float Club

Floatation Therapy Benefits- When a blissed-out state is attained during floatation therapy. It can improve mental clarity, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Other benefits of deep relaxation are better sleep and muscle repair. Epsom salt is used in the pod water. The solution is beneficial for your body and mental health.

Things you must note before going for Floatation Therapy- As much as possible, you might want to refrain from shaving before heading down for a floatation therapy session. As the saying goes adding salt to a wound. Shaving might cause micro-cuts, and it will really hurt once the saltwater seeps into an injury and stings. However, the club does provide you with packets of Vaseline, which you can use to seal up any nicks, cuts, or wounds before soaking. Dyeing your hair before soaking is also not advised because the hair colour may run.
shower and shower facilities
The staff was very efficient and friendly, and after checking in via safe entry, we were guided to our floatation rooms. The pods were huge! The team showed me all the facilities in the room, like the shower area and floats for the neck because, during floating, some may feel straining their necks, so the float was provided to ease the tension allowing you to fully relax. The water is deep enough to allow you to float, but the depth is nothing to worry about for people like myself who aren’t good swimmers. There are earplugs available to prevent salt from entering your ears. There is also a button within the pod that you could press for assistance from the staff.

closed pod float therapy

open pod float therapy

I started my floating session with a shower before heading into the pod; it is important to cleanse yourself, removing any oil from your hair and body which might create a distracting bubbling sensation. I did not close my pod because I didn’t like the claustrophobic feeling small spaces give me and because I was told that one of the hinges of the pod wasn’t working well. I did not want to risk being stuck in a pod of water.

The warm water has a calming effect. There is relaxing music at the beginning and ambient lighting before it is lights out, and the music stops allowing you to fully relax. To be honest, I began my first couple of minutes playing with the water and enjoying the fact that I could float. I tried a few positions before I could relax for the rest of the hour. The music and lights turned on when the hour was up, so I hopped out of the pod to get a good shower to remove all the salt off my body. The salt crystalises once it dries, so make sure you wash thoroughly.

                                        float therapy

Hubby was in a separate room and did enjoy his float session. Would we like to go back for another float? Most likely, no, don’t get us wrong, it was enjoyable but at a slightly pricy range of SGD$89.00 an hour for a single float, but it makes a good gift idea for someone you know needs to relax and enjoy this experience.