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Life of Pi

Due to my busy schedule I barely have time to go to the movies and lets be honest out of 8 out of 10 films are just remakes of something that has been shown years ago, totally makes it a dread to watch. If the remake is good that's a plus, if it isn't it's just a waste of money and time.

Perhaps Hollywood writer's creative juices have ran dry ? What can I say it is not easy to come up with a totally new concept and be expected to be refreshing all the time ...

Now back to the movie I have just watched with dear at home.

Life of Pi , based on an award wining book by Yann Martel. Although fictional and not based on a real life account, I love this movie to bits not only because of the colourful storyline and animals but because it has so much depth.

Piscine Molitor Patel a young Indian boy who grew up in Pondicherry a former French colony in India , Self Christian "Pi" , was a delight to watch with his antics in school, being teased because of his name resembling "pissing" by his schoolmates. Growing up in a zoo that his father own Piscine learn a lot about the ways of the animals both penned and wild.

What I liked best about Pi was his child liked faith in the religions he came across in his early teens, catholic and Muslim. A born Hindu , Pi didn't judge a religion based on what it was but focus on what was beautiful about it. The adorable fellow ended up following 3 religions.

The movie has it's sad moment when he lost his family and ended up on a life boat with a tiger named Richard Parker  for 297 days out at sea and surviving the ordeal. It was really a very touching movie that would struck a cord in you .It teaches you to hang on to faith even when your in the bleakest of situations.

If  I have never watched this film, I would have never known about the book and we all know movies are just bits and pieces of what a book is actually about but it helps publicise  a good book  ... So I'm definitely gonna grab the book and read up on this fantastic story...

Candy Crush Sage

If you like bedazzled blitz you would be an instant fan of Candy Crush sage by King.com.

Play it on the go on your phone or online on Facebook  This is a totally addictive game as you strive to get higher scores and complete each level.

The game follows the traditional match-three rules, it has the usual power ups and unlike bedazzle bliss instead of a time limit you have lives. When you can't complete a level and for-fill the requirement and is out of lives you have to wait a couple of minutes for the live to be earn back or you could take the easy way out and buy lives or boosters with actual money,  Facebook credits or request for more lives from your Facebook Friends.

CNY Cheer

I'm am part of the recreation club at work and I'm glad to say that this year for the first time the company is decorating the office for Chinese New Year.

I feel that decorating your office doesn't only spread cheer among the workers but also gives a positive image of the company to your clients.

I'm lucky to be paired up with a group of really creative and enthusiastic colleagues, without their skill and  ideas everything would not have come together so smoothly.

This year our themed is flowers.

This is my favourite part the Cherry blossoms and Peonies above our main door.

And we decorated the wall dividing our cubicles with more Cherry blossoms.

The lanterns that we hang in our pantry were imported from Taiwan. We were very fourtunate to get these as they were the last pair available at the store.

The activity of decorating the office gave us the optionality to bond and get to know each other better, during work life there are the usual people you would usually hangout more are from your own department. It was indeed refreshing to mix around with others.

Chinese New Year is a time where you gather with family and friends, strengthening family ties and exchanging blessings. In our hectic lives, I am thankful that there are occasions like these to promote family bonding with the elders.

                                                          I wish you all  Good Health,

an Abundance of Wealth & Happiness

Make every moment with your family count !