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Long awaited meet up with my sec school sisters

It has been a year since we last met up, work life and other commitments might have kept us apart but when we gather it is like secondary school all over again...

I know many people have made very judgemental and unkind remarks about being in an all girls' school, that's just because they haven't been to one I guess. I loved the experience, it was a very caring and nurturing environment for a teenager. At the most delicate moments of our lives when we were at our geekiest we knew that we always had our girlfriend to rely on.

Even when we barely keep in touch we know that the bond is still there, chatting endlessly on time gone by, our current relationships and  work. With good company one can never tire.

Dinner at Bibigo Hot Stone at Nex was a pleasant affair,  apart from the grouchy waitress, the food was awesome. The thing I love about korean food is you can eat every morsel and not feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Credits to Katty for the photos.

  Had the beef and mushrooms hot pot, I totally love that the portion was generous and the food was fresh and tasty. Best part it's all healthy ! Food is not at all oily or greasy. Only wished the side dishes were refillable lol. I'm a kimchi nut can't get enough of it.

As it was a weekday we all had to head home earlier due to work the next day, so we took one last group shot with my casio tr 150 an awesome camera with awesome features.When I posted the photo my friends loved the quality, It made us all look prettier lol even after a long tiring day at work.

 Cheers to my sec school sisters !!!

Ice cream.

When I was a kid, I remembered that the range of ice cream available in Singapore was pretty limited.
Those that were usually available in supermarkets and stores were Magnolia, Kings, Cornetto, Walls, even  the $1 from the uncle on the motorbike . And if you would like to go out for ice cream we would mostly just go to Swenson.

These days we are indeed spoilt for choice. There is a whole new array of stores to choose from... Here are a couple of dear's and my favourite ice cream haunts.

Ben & Jerry's, one of my ultimate favourites, Love the ice cream because of it's flavourful milky texture. There are a lots of interesting flavours to choose from, chunky monkey , strawberry cheese cake ... great mix busting with flavour  Also found in tubs in the supermarkets but personally I prefer getting mine from the store some how it taste better.

Anderson's Ice Cream, They been here for quiet some time and I must say that they have a Great selections of low fat yoghurt and ice creams, more on your traditional popular flavours but the quality is awesome !

Basking Robins, I think they just came to Singapore a few years back, They have great promotions on Wednesdays where you show them something pink and you get a junior scoop free. 

Haato , Okay this is actually Gelato specially made with recipes from japan, but just look at that ! The photo speaks for itself, generous amount of strawberries were given , Waffle was extra crispy just the way dear and I like it. 

Gelare, again wonderfully crispy waffles smothered in maple syrup topped with awesome ice cream. Dear and I usually pop by on tuesdays because of the half price promotions of that day :P

Well in sunny singapore ice cream is always an awesome way to help you cool off.... Sweet treats that would make anyone smile well everyone but your waistline .

Life of Pi

Due to my busy schedule I barely have time to go to the movies and lets be honest out of 8 out of 10 films are just remakes of something that has been shown years ago, totally makes it a dread to watch. If the remake is good that's a plus, if it isn't it's just a waste of money and time.

Perhaps Hollywood writer's creative juices have ran dry ? What can I say it is not easy to come up with a totally new concept and be expected to be refreshing all the time ...

Now back to the movie I have just watched with dear at home.

Life of Pi , based on an award wining book by Yann Martel. Although fictional and not based on a real life account, I love this movie to bits not only because of the colourful storyline and animals but because it has so much depth.

Piscine Molitor Patel a young Indian boy who grew up in Pondicherry a former French colony in India , Self Christian "Pi" , was a delight to watch with his antics in school, being teased because of his name resembling "pissing" by his schoolmates. Growing up in a zoo that his father own Piscine learn a lot about the ways of the animals both penned and wild.

What I liked best about Pi was his child liked faith in the religions he came across in his early teens, catholic and Muslim. A born Hindu , Pi didn't judge a religion based on what it was but focus on what was beautiful about it. The adorable fellow ended up following 3 religions.

The movie has it's sad moment when he lost his family and ended up on a life boat with a tiger named Richard Parker  for 297 days out at sea and surviving the ordeal. It was really a very touching movie that would struck a cord in you .It teaches you to hang on to faith even when your in the bleakest of situations.

If  I have never watched this film, I would have never known about the book and we all know movies are just bits and pieces of what a book is actually about but it helps publicise  a good book  ... So I'm definitely gonna grab the book and read up on this fantastic story...