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Mooncakes 2013

I am blessed to be able to taste mooncakes from a couple of hotels and restaurant this year. Thought I'll just review them and share my thoughts with you.

Needless to say that the Raffles Hotel Snow Skin Mooncakes are known to be the best. Newer flavors available this year are the  Snow-Skin Kaffir Lime Mooncake and the  Snow-skin Rum and golden rasin moon cake. No doubt that my favourite is still the Snow-skin Mooncake with champagne truffles & ganache.

An update on School

It was lesson number 6 of business practice today, the last few weeks when by really fast. I am starting to catch up with what the lecturer is saying, no staring blankly at him anymore lol.

Again it is the greatest relieve to have Si jie around with me, she is a lovely dose of sunshine, haha always making me laugh  :)

Time oh time, I just wished I had more time and energy for studying. After completing  the letter writing and list making for business English class. I am exhausted, working in the day and taking night classes is exhausting.

Well I guess I just have to suck it in, face my fears of failing my exams and work hard to achieve what I so desire...

Wish me luck all !

Wolverine - Cathay Platinum Movie Suites

A dear friend of mine aka self proclaimed younger brother, Adrian invited me to catch Wolverine with him.
The sweet dude treated me to catch the movie in the Cathay Platinum Movie Suites, totally cool right :)

Compared to Golden Villiage I must say Cathay has won hands down. From the deco to the service. Cathay was better, the sleek and clever design of the place, offering not only comfort but privacy as well. 

Adrian and I on the ultra comfy seats, We were given blankets.
You can even request for pillows lol.

The have awesome range of food in the menu from fine wine to set meals.
If you are a movie junkie like me popcorn is a must. Other then the usual you could be from the food counters they offered a range of interesting mixes of popcorn. We chose the caramel almond mixed.  Adrian was feeling hungry so he ordered the set meal.

The set meal was served in a very cleverly packed plate. For ease of consumption during any movie. Tasted great too. According to Adrian.

                                                    Ghostly looking me :P 

Okay enough about the cinema, Now more about the movie... As a all time big fan of the X -men. I can say that the movie didn't let me down.

Staring none other then Hugh Jackman, I must say Jackmen has always portrayed  Woverine very well. The antsy barbaric and vulnerable side of Wolverine. 

The movie seems to be a continuation of the previous X-men movie  - The last stand, from Wolverine's perspective of things. Having to kill the women he loved, Jean Grey has obviously taken it's toll on him. The guilt of killing her haunts him frequently in his dream.

Based mostly in Japan be prepared to catch street fights with Yakuzas and hard core battles with the forces of evil. 

I wonder if Wolverine  regrets saving Yashida all those years ago during world war 2 would hae saved him a whole lot of trouble decades later  .... and then, again if he didn't he would have never met his Granddaughter Mariko  .  

I totally love Yukio's character, not only is she an expert with the sword and combat, she has her own cool style in dressing. 

The movie was alright but not really one that I would like to watch over and over again. Can't wait for the next X-men movie though. 

I give this movie 4 clouds.

Thanks again Adrian for the treat your indeed an awesome younger brother :)