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My Shiny Blue Bible

I had always wanted to get a new bible and today I chanced upon the Carlo Catholic Society store  and got myself a shiny new blue bible which even comes with a zip cover.

Finding Myself Again

Looking back, I find it ironic that at the end of 2014  I was raving to my sister about how 2015 is gonna be a way better year than 2014...

I never knew how much pain the start of 2015  had in store for me ...

At the beginning of this year, I was given an emotional onion, I suffered a couple of months worth of peeling and unravelling the layers upon layers of lies and deception. Not only did the chemicals from the onion sting my eyes,  the truth released from each layer delivered excruciating pain. Wary of this daunting task, hatred and anger filled my heart. Heaven was kind in sending friends, family and even kind strangers to my path.

Crash and Burn

I was foolish enough to get back to a "horrible relationship" and am glad I am out of it. It drained me of my confidence and affected my mood greatly. Some people just do not change, no matter how much they claim they have and the list of lies and dark secrets never ends.

My spirit was eaten alive each day, I lost the motivation to even do the things I love most. My friends and love ones noted the changed in me and warned me to get out.
Their words fell on deaf ears. What can I say when you are blinded by love.