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Value Dollar store in Singapore has a great selection of drinks - Sweetbunny

As the title of this post suggests, My rare finds are of the beverage category.

First is my all time favourite Nestea Thai Ice Tea, I  usually have to bring this in when I am in Thailand or make my purchase at Golden Mile Complex, now that it is sold in Value Dollar it saves me the hassle and I could enjoy my favourite drink.

Nestea Thai Ice Tea

How We Spent My Boyfriend's 30th Birthday

It was a blessing that my darling's reservist ended before his birthday, which happens to fall on the weekend.

First stop was lunch we took a cable car ride up Mount Faber to the scenic Faber Peak, Spuds & Aprons was where we had our afternoon feast. The restaurant was having the Lagi Shiok! Buddy Combo Promotion  August & September 2017, we decided that the deal which comprises of an appetizer of the chili crab in a tux which was actually crab meat with potato, an entree of either lobster Hokkien noodles or Lobster Laksa and a delightful dessert of Chempedak bread & butter. There was even a deal for 2 glasses of Singapore Sling at $16.00.

Sony in-ear headphones

If you are in search for a good set of quality, durable and yet inexpensive pair of in-ear headphones, I am glad to tell you that you are not asking for the heavens.

Being a musicophile I enjoy plugging into tunes when on the go, even during lunch time on a work day you could catch me brisk walking and rock out to my playlist. During the gyming sessions, I grew a liking to listening to Adrian Bryant, he keeps me motivated.

As with all things material with excessive use, wear and tear happen. I have used many brands of in-ear headphones and found that the ones from Sony were the most affordable and durable.

Retailing at $13.90, the Sony E9LP is a musicophile's dream come true.

Sony in-ear headphones