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The compact camera review - Canon GX7 Mark II the best compact camera of 2017 - Sweet Bunny

The Canon GX7 Mark II camera review - The Canon GX7 Mark II camera was out in 2016 but it is one of the best compact cameras of 2017 and I ever had. Given to me as a Christmas present last year by darling, it was a treat because I wanted this camera since the Mark I was out. The new and improved Mark II is an upgraded version of the Mark

canon gx7 mark ii review in singapore

With its new enhanced features, the Mark II is a stylish camera, I like that it looked modern and chic. Apart from the aesthetics, this compact camera really packs a punch!

A Guide to Bishan District Singapore and Afternoon Strawberry ice Tea at Shamrock Cafe in Bishan - Sweet Bunny

During my meetups with dear on the weekend, we usually enjoy spending our afternoons having tea, We prefer a quieter cafe where we are not required to raise our voices at each other so we can have a proper conversation.

Guide To Bishan - Bishan is one of our favourite haunts and Bishan history is always an interesting factor for me, anywhere between central and north Singapore is always perfect for us. This time we headed to Shamrock Cafe Bishan.Shamrock Cafe Menue is very special for persons like us.

Shamrock Cafe Front View in Bishan
shamrock cafe exterior view