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A rabbit themed, bunny marriage proposal. Sweet Bunny - Lifestyle , Beauty & Travel Blogger Singapore

The Wedding Proposal In Singapore - Sam and I have known each other for about 3 years; we applied for a BTO together as well as started our wedding plans.
Proposing to a Girl Singapore:A Bunny Marriage Proposal To Sweet Bunny - Lifestyle , Beauty & Travel Blogger Living in Singapore

Proposing to a Girl - To my surprise, Sam desired to propose to me, not for the sake of formality but to show me his sincerity. Knowing that I am a feminist, he offers to plan my proposal with me, this may sound extremely unromantic but being a realist as well as not liking the idea of a man bending backwards to fulfil my every whim and fancy.

My Engagement Ring - I got to choose my own engagement ring; Sam knew that Forever Mark diamonds are of good quality and suggested that we go to a jewellery store to pick out one that I liked. It also saves us the trouble of resizing the ring and ensured that the design and cut were to my liking.

Our Wedding Proposal Venue - We instantaneously decided the venue should be at a Rabbitto cafe in Bangkok, our visit to the café last year left us with a lasting impression, we totally adore the cute fluffy critters, the rabbits were not aggressive, approachable and very curious. We are both born on the year of the rabbit also gave this venue more significance.

Our Wedding Proposal Photographer - Engaging a photographer was also on our list, we wanted to capture the magical moment when Sam asks for my hand in marriage. The idea was simply to get a reputable photographer overseas is no piece of cake, I searched online a couple months before our trip to Thailand for a good photographer, the language barrier was one of my main concerns as well.

I came across Natasha I Gillett’s webpage and was very impressed with her portfolio; she is a winner of several prestigious photographer awards. Contacting her was a breeze as she replies to her emails regularly. Booking a session with her has to be done in advance as she is very popular. A deposit was required and the transaction was fast and safe because it was done thru PayPal.

Proposing to a Girl Singapore:A Bunny Marriage Proposal To Sweet Bunny - Lifestyle , Beauty & Travel Blogger Living in Singapore

The Wedding Proposal Box - Sam bought me the most adorable ring box, engraved on the log-shaped wooden box was will you marry me, accompanied by 2 porcelain rabbits. They were perfect props for our engagement photoshoot. Sam also contacted the Café in advance to ask for permission to hold our photoshoot there as well as asked for the best time to be at the café when it is not crowded.

Wooden Rabbit Engagement Ring Box

The Rabbit Wedding Proposal Photoshoot - The day arrived when Sam proposed, we arrived early at the café where the staff was very accommodating and helpful, they helped us pick the best rabbits for the photoshoot, those they would happily allow us to snuggle and carry them. The rabbits were very curious about Natasha’s DSLR camera and would pop up right next to her to see what she was doing. Natasha was wonderful; she is cheerful, patient and helpful, gently giving us directions on some poses and ideas of good photos, the peter rabbit themed café was simply decorated and small but she had a great eye for the best shots.

Proposing to a Girl Singapore:A Bunny Marriage Proposal To Sweet Bunny - Lifestyle , Beauty & Travel Blogger Living in Singapore

Proposing to a Girl Singapore:A Bunny Marriage Proposal To Sweet Bunny - Lifestyle , Beauty & Travel Blogger Living in Singapore

Marriage Proposal Partner  - Sam isn’t a guy of many words nevertheless he displays his affections by caring for me, He got on one knee and presented me the ring we might have planned this blissful day together but surprisingly nothing felt rehearsed or fake, we just had a very enjoyable afternoon playing with the rabbits after he declared his love for me.

Proposing to a Girl Singapore:A Bunny Marriage Proposal To Sweet Bunny - Lifestyle , Beauty & Travel Blogger Living in Singapore

Sweet Bunny - Lifestyle, Beauty & Travel Blogger Singapore 

Korean Shampoo & Conditioner; Innisfree green tea mint fresh shampoo Review by Sweet Bunny - Singapore Beauty Blogger

Korean Beauty Products in Singapore  - When the Korean wave came to the shores of Singapore a decade ago, it was no surprise that Korean beauty products would sprout into our retail sector. I recently purchased Innisfree green tea mint fresh shampoo and conditioner, what attracted me to this shampoo as you would guess is the mint, I am a huge fan of minty shampoos as you read about in my previous review about on Broo Beer Shampoo.


The Fruitful Event, Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2018; A Fruity Adventure by Sweet Bunny - Lifestyle , Beauty & Travel Blogger Singapore

Singapore Fun Run Activities - Singapore is no stranger to Fun Runs and there are many Singapore running events nowadays, a few past events from this year include Pokémon Run, Snoopy Run and Hello Kitty Run. I find it a win-win situation because you get to be entertained by your beloved character while keeping fit and the best part is that everyone who completed the race is a winner everyone gets a medal at the end for most fun races.

My Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2018 - Fun Run Activities 2018 - Sweet Bunny

Hello Kitty Run 2018 Singapore - A few Sundays ago I took part in the Hello Kitty Race and would like to share my experience because it was my the first ever themed run. It all started with my friend wanting to take part in a competitive race and asked if I would like to join her, knowing that we weren’t in the right physic to keep up with competitive races I suggested on participating in a fun run instead.

Spacebib -  The Best Sporting Events Website in Asia  Spacebib is an online platform that lets you discover, join and experience sporting events within few clicks. My friend brought her tablet to a café and there we came to know about Spacebib while browsing the internet.

Going thru the process of hello kitty run registration was done at ease and you are also able to register for races on behalf of your friends on the platform saving us the trouble of registering a separate account. Efficient and secure, perfect.

A confirmation slip of your hello kitty fun race registration purchase is sent via email to you once the transaction has been successful. I truly enjoy going thru the listing of spacebib, discovering and registering for future sporting events. The details of each event is always clearly stated and at a glance you are able to see the price range from free to paid events.

Hello Kitty Run Singapore Race Organisers – It began to rain at about 4am in the morning, I knew that because I was awakened by the sound of thunder. The organizer Pink Apple Pte Ltd were very responsible, they sent out SMSs at 6:53 AM stating that they are monitoring the situation, about an hour later we received another message that the race will carry on.

Running in The Rain – My friend and I reached The Promontory at Marina Bay at 7:30am and was part of the first flag off at 8:35am, it was light rain, so we were advised by the organizer to walk instead of run due to the ground being slippery. A Hello Kitty Mascot made an appearance and the crowds cheered for her as she prances across the stage and danced. Undamped by the weather everyone was raring to go, many have continued to jog the entire race while other walked with ponchos and umbrellas. Thankfully the skies did clear an hour into the race.

The Promontory at Marina Bay - Hello Kitty Run 2018 by Sweet Bunny
The Promontory at Marina Bay
Hello Kitty Mascot  - Sweet Bunny

Ready To Go! Picturesque 5 KM race – Walking pass the art science museum singapore, Gardens By the Bay, Marina Bay Sands and Marina Barrage was epic, one can’t help but admire the sights and sounds, the scenery of open sea and greenery was a nice change from the constraints of office life. The lotus pond Art Science Museum is my favourite area, the pink and purple shades of the lilies and lotus brings a sense of calm and relaxation to one’s senses.

My Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2018 - Fun Run Activities 2018 - Sweet Bunny

My Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2018 - Fun Run Activities 2018 - Sweet Bunny

The Beautiful Hello Kitty Race Pit Stops - In this 5KM - There were a total of 3 pit stops, Durian Zone, Lemon Zone and Strawberry Zone, all decked with stunning balloon arches with colours that represent the fruit, water stations were situated within these pit stops serving various flavours of teas from Pokka’s range of beverages as well as water. My favourite is the strawberry station because it had a cut-out stand of hello kitty dressed as a strawberry.

Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2018 - durian pit stop by Sweet Bunny
Durain Pit Stop

My Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2018 - Fun Run Activities 2018 - Sweet Bunny
Lemon Pit Stop
Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2018 Strawberry Pit Stop by Sweet Bunny Blogger
Strawberry Pit Stop

Lively Post-Race CarnivalWe finished the race at about 9:50AM, collected our medal and head on to the carnival, we were handed out ice popsicle, apples, and Pokka tea was we made our way to the carnival. There were several tents conducting games and selling products from the various sponsors and a live performance; a duet singing popular tunes of today.

The downside to the event was after the heavy downpour the field was very muddy and full of holes making it difficult to navigate around the area. We took a gif photo which cost us $5.00, a little disappointing because you could barely see our faces in the photo, not very well done but I guess everything was done in a hurry with many others waiting for their turn. The muddy environment was too much for us as the afternoon sun rose we made our way home.
Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2018 Carnival by Sweet Bunny Blogger
Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2018 Gif photobooth by Sweet Bunny Singapore Blogger

Although exhausted, sweaty and drizzled in rainwater, we had fun and would definitely take part in the next Fruitful Hello Kitty Run Event, the medal is so adorable! A race where everyone is a winner? Count me in!

Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2018 Medal - Sweet Bunny Singapore Blogger

Sweet Bunny - Lifestyle, Beauty & Travel Blogger Singapore