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Wedding Journey 12 - Where to Get wedding shoes on a Budget - Sweet Bunny

Now that you have finalised your wedding gown, Kua if you have one and evening gown for the wedding banquet, it is time to figure out the shoes…

Agnes from Cang Ai suggested getting just one pair of shoes for the whole day. My shoes would be hidden by my long gowns anyway. I actually also used my wedding shoes for my pre-wedding shoot.

DMK, classy affordable shoes for a woman – I absolutely love DMK shoes, it is my go-to store to get shoes for work. There are some very classy designs that go well for work as well as for formal events. The high heels are comfortable, which is an absolute must for me if I was going around the entire day with them on. I purchased a pair of silver high heeled shoes; it has some plastic detail on the side, giving it a very elegant look. The best part is the shoes are very affordable ranging from $30.00 to $70.00. Look out for their storewide sales you could really catch a steal. 

Wedding Shoes SIlver DMK Heels
My Bridal Shoes, Please pardon the heel  Cushions and heel protectors I got a size too big because it was the last pair.


Anna Nucci Italy, high fashion shoes- If you love shoes clad with crystals, that shine and sparkle this store is for you. A tad more expensive but the shoes are just so lovely! Feel like a fairy tale princess with their range of shoes. I do see some major department stores like Metro carry the brand. But I always prefer to go down to their store to have a glimpse of their full range of shoes. 
Anna Nucci Singapore website

Gripz Shoes Bridal Collection - Ever since my elder sister bought a pair of Gripz shoes home I was in love with the brand, they are just so pretty! Although a little more to the expensive side, the designs are pretty classy. I have a Carrie Bradshaw moment every time I get my hands on a pair. Their Bridal collection is a little limited, my preference lies with their other collections which can easily pass off as bridal shoes. 

Chinese wedding shoes - If you would like a pair of Chinese shoes to match your Kua you could go to Yue Hwa in Chinatown. https://www.yuehwa.com.sg/. There are many available on shopping websites as well but I decided not to buy a pair for a one time use. I don't really like to purchase second-hand shoes as well for hygiene reasons. Alternatively, you could buy a pair of normal red shoes to match with other clothing and to be used again for another occasion for maybe for the Chinese new year.

Yue Hwa Bridal shoes

For the Grooms shoes, Dear bought 2 pairs of hushpuppies one for the church in the morning and the other for the banquet, pair with a good pair of nylon socks he is all set for our big day. 
 Zalora is the answer with a 30 days return policy no fear of being stuck with a badly fitted shoe if all else failed. 

Zalora Website

My Wedding Journey 11- Wedding Props for the wedding banquet - Sweet Bunny

I had an acquaintance who invited me for their wedding at the Venus ballroom at Furama Riverfront about a year before my own wedding. I took notice of the hotel decorations on our table and found them to be rusty and old fashion like something from the 80s, odd yellowish pearls and all. No way was I having those being displayed on my guest tables.

Wedding centrepieces and wedding decoration – I purchased the white baby’s breath from https://www.carousell.sg/raf.rohmini/. They were originally made for door gifts but I felt that they were easy to add and remove from the tables for a Chinese style dinner. The owner of the store was always very patient, kind and thoughtful when I arranged for the flowers to be delivered the night before she shared her concerned on the flowers being fresh enough for my wedding dinner. I clarified to her that I had a church wedding in the morning and won’t be able to collect the flowers then. I also ordered stickers from her for my guest to stick on their angbaos, for ease of sorting out those for the bride and those for the Groom. She did a fabulous job. To my surprise, my guest commented that my flowers smelled like lovely the scent covered the musky smell of that carpets another awesome reason to buy flowers from raf.rohmini. 

raf.rohmini bridal gifts

                      white babies breath flowers
Babies breath flowers deco

In addition, I bought adorable figurines of rabbits from Taobao to be placed on the tables for the guest to take home. They were just adorable.

Wedding banquet table center piece

How to keep kids happy and entertain during the wedding dinner – I have often seen kids running around aimlessly or bugging their parents all throughout the wedding. I wanted the kids at my wedding dinner to enjoy them so I bought bottles of bubbles for them to blow throughout the dinner. To ensure the bubble was not out of place I made a sign that stated that they were blowing bubbles of blessings for us. My emcee got the entire guest to blow bubbles at us when we entered and during the Toasting or Yum Seng session that kids went near the stage to blow bubbles at us on their own accord, everyone found that so endearing. In case you were wondering Yum Seng means to drink to victory in Cantonese. Do seek permission from the hotel or venue owners before you purchase the bubbles every venue has rules and regulations.

Vintage looking Letterbox as an ang bao box- Ordered a white letterbox from Taobao and found it to be befitting of an angpao box. I loved that it had a lock and a flip cover to conceal the red packets within it. It fitted in with my garden-themed wedding nicely. 

ang pao box white letter box

Daiso figures as deco – Daiso is an excellent place to get figurines, I purchased mini crates and grass rabbits for my reception table. The key to having a nice display is placing items at different heights. The crates when sacked upon are pretty eye-catching, the also doubles up as containers for papers for guest to write well wishes or for you to store pens in.

My Wedding Journey 10 - Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gifts - Sweet Bunny

I have always felt that it is important to convey to others on how much you appreciate them. It is easy to overlook and take for granted the little things people do for you. In appreciation for all the help my Groomsmen and Bridesmaid have provided dear and myself, I prepared a token of appreciation for both groups. I know bridesmaid proposals are on the rage these days but one must not forget the awesome Groomsmen. No need la men no need to be pampered like girls, you might say; but to me, a little gesture of thanks had never hurt anyone has it?

Dear and I arrange different dates to meet up with our Groomsmen and Bridesmaid separately for a guy’s afternoon out and for me a Hens party arranged by one of my Bridesmaid, I felt that was the most appropriate occasion to pass them their gifts. I spent quite a number of days deciding on what would be best as gifts for them and finally decided on shot glasses for the guys as mementoes and a gift bag for the ladies.

If you ever asked me where I love shopping for unique gifts I would instantly tell you Etsy. It is the best platform to get handcrafted, delicately made items and what more in a way you are supporting a small business of the arts community.

Best Groomsmen’s gifts on Etsy – The shot glasses got for the guys were from this shop One19stationery, the seller was very attentive and write me a couple of messages about my preferences on how the names should appear. The boxes she provided had all been specially customised for the Groomsmen with their names. What I loved most were the tiny tuxedos that were meant to be stuck on to vodka bottled, just adorable. Shipping took about a week or so and everything was well-packed nothing arrived broken or squashed. 

vodka bottle

groomsmen gifts idea

                                                         groom  shot glass

Groomsmen Meetup

Best affordable and useful Bridesmaid gifts – In the gift bag for my bridesmaids, I prepared a pink robe with the sister of the bride written on it, I got it via Taobao. I totally regretted not ironing or steamed them haha they came all wrinkled. I also added in facemask from Innisfree, A sewing kit, plasters for blisters, makeup remover, a full set of nail cutters and files and much other stuff the ladies would need for the actual day.

My Bridesmaids and Groomsmen are all wonderful helpful people. The Groomsmen are fathers of young children and one is a father to be, to take an entire day off to assist dear and I on our wedding day meant the world to us. One of my bridesmaids who worked on Saturday even took the day off a year in advance. Dear and I treated them to a nice meal on another occasion, Always remember to be a blessing to others as they have been to you. One of the Groomsmen mentioned that he wished he gave his Groomsmen a gift during his wedding; he was deeply touched that I took the time and made the effort to show my appreciation.