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Getting Our First Home Journey 1- Getting Our Keys for our BTO and engaging and Interior Designer - Sweet Bunny

When I was dating my husband some 5 years ago, I suggested a bold decision. To buy a Build-To-Order flat (BTO) together. To my surprise he agreed, mind you, we just began dating for a couple of months and the stakes were high, our relationship could have turned sour after we booked a flat... and everything would have gone downhill from there. But thank god it didn't. We are really meant to be.

 Collecting the Keys to Our four-room BTO - Fast forward March 2020; we received our flat’s keys in March Before Covid-19 struck, At first, I was shocked at how tiny my new home is being used to living in my father’s 5 room flat but with the right layout, space planning and carpentry we can make this cosy 93sqm abode into a home.

BTO New home pineapple roll

We opted out of having HDB tiles and chose the open concept kitchen layout to give the illusion that the house was bigger and also for the fact that our bomb shelter is located in the kitchen which meant having very little space for cabinets and appliances. We kept the HDB doors which are kind of thin but acceptable as we wanted to save cost and would probably change them in a couple of years.

In Dec 2019, we went on the search for an Interior Designer, dear preferred an ID as he liked to have the 3D drawing which really helps a person to visualise how the apartment would turn out. They will also coordinate all the works that the house would require saving you the hassle of searching for reliable and properly licenced contractors.


Arranging a meeting with an interior design firm – We met up with eight different firms,  designers of diverse backgrounds: Key Concept, Brown Studio Design, Ovon, TCL Design, Absolook, Design4space, Cozy space, Swiss Interior. These opinions are of our own about the Interior designers, nothing personal.


My Wedding Journey 16- Actual Day Wedding All in one package Photography and Videography, Gate Crash Games- Sweet Bunny

My father passed in August this year, I felt very blessed to have taken photos and videos with him on my wedding day. Watching and looking at the photographs of him do bring on tears at times but it was a good way to have a little memento of him being around to walk down the aisle with me. 

father and bride

Invest in a professional and affordable videographer and photographer - I wanted a no-frills wedding photography service that might not have aerial drone photography a whole entire team etc. What was most essential is a non- earthquake videographer who won’t lose all the precious moments captured and a photographer who take various beautiful photos even in the dim lights of the wedding banquet. I found all that with Simon Video & Photo Service

Trusted wheelchair seller - Sweet Bunny

It was the day before polling day 2019; my father was worried about how he would be able to walk downstairs to vote as he was very weak and barely able to walk short distances without feeling breathless. I suggested the purchase of a wheelchair for him, he was worried about the cost but when I did a quick google on the pricing and informed him that it would cost less than $200.00 he was ecstatic.

It was late afternoon by the time we decided to purchase the wheelchair, we needed the chair by that evening for him to use in the morning. Most of the companies I approached have a cut off timing of 5pm for same-day deliveries and weren’t very helpful when I shared about my situation. My father had always been a strong individual with a fighting spirit he would refuse the idea of using the wheelchair for decades but due to the sudden deterioration of his heath, he knew that he would need the chair if he wanted to head out.

Where to get a foldable wheelchair in Singapore- My last resort was to look for a second-hand wheelchair, to my relief, there were brand new ones available on Carousell. I contacted a seller by the name of keeper_of_darkness05. Although his username may sound a bit on the scary side he was very helpful, kind and meticulous. He asked about the weight of the users and after I explained that I needed the chair in the hurry he arranged for courier delivery for me and even gave my father a free walking stick. My father and I paid for the chair and the delivery charges and by late evening relieved the chair. The seller even sent me videos on how to open and close the chair and cautioned me not to fold down the top as I might not be able to place it back securely for my father. I couldn’t thank the seller enough for going out of his way to help us out. He was out but somehow managed to get a relative to help with the arrangements.

The wheelchair was lightweight and easy to fold and keep away, it was also sturdy and a breeze to push around. The most important part to remember is to release the breaks before you move and so the person does not get thrown off the chair and to lock the breaks when they embark so the chair does slide away. Make sure their feet are firmly on the footrest before you move. 

Light weight fordable wheel chair

foldable wheelchair

My father used the chair for a handful of events, a check-up with a physiotherapist, a trip to the barber and to the park and under the block to watch the rain with my sister and me before he passed on in August last year. Kindness is never wasted, every bit counts and you never know how much it meant to the person who benefits for that one act of kindness.