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'Ikea Hack' Study/Craft Table and Storage - Sweet Bunny

After my study table and shelf fiasco, I needed a proper study/craft area. Thankfully, I had enough space on the other side of the room so I decided to purchase some readymade furniture. I searched on the entire internet for local furniture stores but didn’t like the layout of the table or felt there was just never enough storage for my projects and knick-necks.

At my wit's end, Ikea came to mind, as a huge fan of Ikea hacks, I decided to give it a go and was hope my attempt will not be an absolute failure so here I go sharing with you my “Ikea Hack Venture”.

Ikea Hack Study and Storage no drilling of walls

What you need to prepare for an Ikea Hack -When you began any project you have to ensure that you get all your requirements written down as well as the exact measurements of the area in your home that is available. It is important not to lose focus and get distracted by all the fancy options that are available but to really purchase what you need. In my case, I need a desk and a lot of storage.

Find ways to visualise how the outcome - To help me have an idea of how my Ikea hack will turn out I used Powerpoint and drag and drop about the pictures of the furniture to have a feel of how my setup would turn out. I didn’t want to have any drilling done onto the walls so my aim was to have furniture that would fit together like a set and all I needed to do is shift them around and place them where I desire. It also helped me see where I have to avoid for example I wanted 3 Silveran shelves as it would fit the length of my desk but I have an electrical outlet near the left side of my desk so I had to scrap that idea. 

The furniture I purchased from Ikea online store, Tampines was the

1)HAVSTA Storage combination with doors, white81x47x212 cm,

2)Silveran High Cabinet X 2 


I also opted for the professionals to fix up the furniture for me to save time and because we were installing a ton of other stuff such as curtains and other appliances concurrently. I really like all the installation staff from Ikea, they were polite, funny and super helpful. They were also careful to ensure that they followed the covid-19 safety procedures that Ikea had set for them such as having their mask on all the time during their work in my home.

They were surprised about my Ikea hack idea and said Madam these Silveran High Cabinets are meant for the bathroom. I told him I knew but I want to use them as bookshelves instead. I also instructed him not to install the bottom two doors or the legs of the cabinet as I would be placing the HEMNES desk in front of the cabinets and still wanted to be able to store items under my desk to maximise the use of the space. 

extra storage under ikea HEMNES DESK

As for the HAVSTA Storage combination, I used it to keep my books, crafts items and documents. It is also my mini command centre where I keep all our important letters and notices. I will elaborate more in another post on how I organise my documents. 

He also kindly offer to nail the two cabinets together so they would be more secure and would not shift around. I also instructed them to help me shift the HAVSTA Storage combination to the side of my desk and the Silveran High Cabinet combination.

 I really liked the all-white vintage barn look of my new study. Now I have plenty of space for all my stuff.  For the top shelves, I stuck whiteboards from Daiso to scribble down notes on my to-do list as well as keep track of bills. I prefer to keep everything hidden away to minimise the clutter around my work desk. At the top of the cabinet, I can do a bit of decoration to brighten up my side of the room. 

I shifted the shelves closer to the cabinet after I finish cleaning up after we completely moved in.

Silveran High Cabinet used as book and stationery storage

If you put your mind to it you can do your very own Ikea Hack, furniture don't always have to be used the way it was built you could always customise it to your needs and liking that is the beauty of Ikea furniture. But as always keep in mind safety first of course never create anything unsafe for you and your family to use.


The Yummiest TuTu Kueh in new and traditional flavours ChubTuTu Yishun Singapore - Sweet Bunny

I have been bugging dear to take me down to Yishun for the longest time for my childhood favourite snack Tutu Kueh. But we never seemed to have the time to head down to Yishun so when TuTu Jie from ChubtutuSG offered to delivery service a couple of weeks ago I jumped at the opportunity to place an order.

Chubtutusg store beside good guys barber

                                   Muah Chee and Kueh Tutu from cubtutusg

80 Different Flavours of Tutu Kueh in Yishun- Yes indeed, Chubtutu does carry a huge array of flavours, for our current order we requested the following flavours Lotus Biscuit 2, Nutella, Durian and Salted Caramel as we wanted to try something new rather than the old traditional flavours of coconut and peanuts. My favourites were durian and salted Caramel because the Durians paste was just right rich and creamy while the salted caramel goes without saying is one of my top favourite’s treats; I love almost anything with salted caramel in it. My least favourite was the Lotus biscuit because I guess the crunchy texture of the biscuits don’t blend well with the rice flour but my family members seem to like it, I guess it is a matter of personal preference and taste.

6 flavors of tutu kueh

In total we ordered about 40 pieces of TuTu Kueh and had a mini party at home with my family members, we liked that the tutu was soft and the fillings were a burst of flavour in every bite. I really liked that the cakes were well cooked because I came across those which were half cooked and tasted more of uncooked rice flour from other stores.


7 Different Flavours of Muah Chee – The store also carries a range of Muah Chee in interesting flavours such as Macha, Peanut, Black Sesame, Durain, Coffee, Salted Egg and mixed. We ordered Matcha, Peanut and Black Sesame. My family favoured the Black Sesame, the guys had a ton of fun mixing and cutting up the muah chees as it was a new experience for them. As advised by TuTu Jie to mixed and cut up the ingredients on our own so it will not harden and be soggy. It would be best to head down to the store if you want piping hot Muah Chee. For us the Muah Chee was just as delicious and It is dear's favourite traditional snack.

Unfortunately, delivery services have been cancelled due to some unruly and impatient customers, who can’t wait for their orders to be sent. There are a couple of not very nice people who walked off from the store without notifying the store owner as well. I guess people sometimes forget that good thing come to those who wait and patience and is a virtue. I always believed in treating others as you would like others to treat you.

I highly recommended ChubtutuSg as their cakes are well made and innovative there is always a new flavour to look out for, so if you are ever in the Yishun area do stop by her store but be prepared to wait up to 45 minutes as the store has gained popularity over time and a crowd would gather for her awesome tutu kueh.

ChubTuTu 胖嘟嘟

759 Yishun Street 72, #01-298, Singapore 760759

Monday- Sunday 11am to 8pm
Please check their Instagram account for the latest updates

ProSure Orange Powder for Cancer Induced Weight-loss -Sweet Bunny

 It is painful to watch your loved ones waste away from cancer-induced weight loss as they start to be less alert, forgetful and underweight, my father used to grumble to that "my brain now darn junk" when he struggles to recall what he wanted to say and was slowly lost all appetite, consuming food was a chore and daunting task.

He has been consuming Ensure milk ever since we found out about cancer it worked well for a couple of years but wasn't effective enough in proving him the nutrition that he needed.

I was determined to give my father the best I could, so did my research and found out about ProSure Orange Powder, also available in Vanilla Powder. I read many reviews online and yes the elderly can be a fussy bunch who prefer certain flavours such as orange "thankfully" or coffee. 

ProSure orange

The best milk to stop cancer-induced weight loss -  As I googled my way into searching for a solution, Abbott Prosure High Protein Powder - Orange was top of the list. This milk powder is specially formulated to promote weight gain, improve appetite, build or maintain lean body mass, Attenuate the proinflammatory response, supports immunity health, provides antioxidants. Has vitamin E & C, EPA, prebiotic fibre Fructooligosaccharid, contains high-quality protein and is lactose-free and gluten-free for lactose intolerance and has allergies to gluten.

EPA stops cancer induce weight loss - Studies have shown that EPA aids in Help promote weight gain, maintain lean body mass and immune response. ProSure has lower fats than other oral nutritional supplements and contains EPA Omega-three fatty acids. I have also read that our brain uses Omega-three to build nerves, My father was more alert and more or less to his dapper self.

Retailing at $30.50 for a small tin might be a pinch in the pockets for caregivers as the milk power is advised to be consumed twice a day to meet the optimum nutritional needs. I usually make my purchase at Unity and use the link points that I have earned while grocery shopping to offset the cost another vendor that I purchased from was Tong Hai Department Store, do drop them a call or Facebook message to check if they have stock.  380g Their prices are usually lower for medical supplies.  If you have memberships at Guardian and Watson  I believe you can offset the cost as well with your points but the trouble is not every branch carries the milk powered, an online order perhaps would be a better option if you purchase from the latter. In Shopee they have a coin reward system for purchases as well, to off set purchases.

Disclaimer- I am not a medical practitioner or qualified to give medical or dietary advice all that I have written is my personal opinion. Please consult a doctor.

All my post on eldercare is dedicated to my father David Koh, 1942-2020, the man who pushed me to be the best I can be, who never put down my ideas and always encouraged me in all that I chose to do.