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Flotation Therapy at Palm Ave Float Club (Kampong Bugis) - Sweet bunny

                                         Palm Avenue Float Club Sign

I received a gift card from my sister for Christmas last year. It was for a 60-minute float at Palm Ave float club for my hubby and myself. We delayed our trip to the float club for quite a number of months due to covid-19 but finally decide to go down and utilised the facilities.

We took a cab down to Kallang River Side Park and what looked like an old building in the middle of nowhere was charming when we entered, we were a little lost but the kind restaurant staff from the Raw Kitchen Bar on the first floor guided us to which lift to take. When we reached the Float Club we were greeted by a scenic view of Kallang River Side Park, the sight of old banyan trees and tranquil waters from the window walls just gives you a sense of relaxation and peace.

Lobby area of Palm Avenue Float Club
Lobby area of Palm Avenue Float Club

Floatation Therapy Benefits- In a blissed-out state is attained during floatation therapy, which can improve mental clarity, creativity, and problem-solving abilities other benefits from deep relaxation is better to sleep and muscle repair. Epsom salt is used in the pod water the solution is beneficial for your body and mental health.

Things you have to note before going for Floatation Therapy- As much as possible you might want to refrain from shaving before heading down for a floatation therapy session as the saying goes adding salt to a wound, shaving might cause micro-cuts and it will really hurt once the saltwater seeps into a wound and sting. However, the club does provide you with packets of Vaseline which you can use to seal up any nicks, cuts, or wounds before soaking. Dyeing your hair before soaking is also not advised because the hair colour may run.
shower and shower facilities
The staff was very efficient and friendly and after checking in via safe entry, we were guided to our floatation rooms. The pods were huge! The staff showed me all the facilities in the room like the shower area and floats for the neck because during floating some may feel a straining their necks so the float was provided to ease the tension allowing you to fully relax. The water is deep enough to allow you to float but the depth is nothing to worry about for people like myself who aren’t good swimmers. There are earplugs available to prevent salt from entering your ears. There is also a button within the pod that you could press for assistance from the staff.

closed pod float therapy

open pod float therapy

I started my floating session with a shower before heading into the pod, it is important to cleanse yourself removing any oil from your hair and body, which might create a distracting bubbling sensation. I did not close my pod as I didn’t like the claustrophobic feeling small spaces give me and also for the reason that I was told that one of the hinges of the pod wasn’t working well. I did not want to risk being stuck in a pod of water.

There is relaxing music at the beginning and ambient lighting before it is lights out and the music stops allowing you to fully relax. To be honest I began my first couple of minutes playing with the water and just enjoying the fact that I could float. The warm water has a calming effect. I tried a few positions before I could really relax for the remainder of the hour. The music and lights turned on when the hour was up so I hopped out of the pod to get a good shower to remove all the salt off my body. The salt does crystalize once it dries so do make sure that you wash yourself thoroughly.

                                        float therapy

Hubby was in a separate room and did enjoy his float session, would we like to go back for another float? Most likely no, don’t get us wrong it was enjoyable but at a slightly pricy range of SGD$89.00 an hour for a single float but it makes a good gift idea for someone you know needs to relax and would enjoy this experience.


How I fixed my thinning hair, Ginvera Olive Oil For Hair Growth And Benefits - Sweet bunny

Earlier this year as I was seated at my desk a colleague mention to me that my hair parting was getting very thick with further observation I noticed while looking in the mirror at home that I had a bald spot right in the crown of my head. Was I balding, I asked myself with dismay?

Ginvera Olive Oil great for hair growth

Thinking back, I find it quite funny that it was what lead me to use olive oil in the first place it was not my hair I using it for it was my forehead. Cooking olive mixed with aloe vera all of all things, well at least it did smell good but I had an army of pimples the next day on my forehead…

After the whole charade with the cooking olive oil, I happen to be at Supermarket’s skincare section. There a place on the shelf within my arm’s reach was a bottle of Ginvera Bio-Pure Olive Oil 150ml. I thought to myself what the hell and grabbed a bottle to try my luck with reducing the lines on my forehead, the product did indicate that it could be used as make-up removed and cleans the skin without drying it out.

The oil in Ginvera Pure Olive Oil is formulated with pure, olives from Spain where the weather is the optimal climate for the growth of olives. The extra virgin oil is very nourishing and has an anti-ageing benefit to the skin. With a non-greasy formula, it is quickly absorbed by your hair and skin. It also works well as a makeup remover leaving the skin clean and moisturised.

Using Olive oil for hair growth and benefits – Ginvera Pure Olive Oil is also a natural conditioner that helps to promote healthier and stronger hair. Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties contains a modest amount of vitamin k and e as well as antioxidants. It is said to prevent greying hair treat dry and dull hair and prevent split ends.

Effects of using olive oil on hair for a few weeks- After soaking my hair and scalp in olive oil once a week for a few minutes, I noticed that my hair started to grow back, my “bald patch” was smaller. It relieve my scalp from feeling itchy perhaps because my scalps was dry and needed the olive oil to revitalise its condition. The best part is I need not worry if any oil trickles onto my face as it can also be used as a makeup remover. I am glad to report there weren’t any pimples popping up on my face while using this product, phew.

                                 receding parting  hair and hari growing back

I am still amazed that such a simple and affordable product can be used in so many ways, I heard it can even be used as a massage oil as an emollient that prevents friction during massages while moisturising the skin. Some even use it on a baby’s skin. The Ginvera oil range also comes in many different formulas, pure olive oil, Lite Beauty, green tea, extra virgin oil, olive coconut oil, and olive argan oil. I can’t wait to try the other from the range of olive oils and reap the benefits from each of these specially formulated oils for glowing skin and healthy hair.

Tupperware still the best today- Sweet Bunny

When I was a child, my mother would take me to block parties organised by the community centre, at these events the aunties of the neighbourhood would sell Tupperware along with some tasty treats that they would bake or cook. My mother purchased a couple of food containers used them on many occasions. I will always hold such memories of my mother close to my heart as I only had about 13 years with her.

I never needed to buy my own kitchenware until I became a homeowner; I found myself needing proper, safe to use and lasting food containers. I have a cabinet in my kitchen where I store all my spices and ingredients. Many of the spices come in ready to use containers but only the salt and sugar come in plastic bags.

Storing salt and sugar-I recently purchased the Tupperware Umami Collection spice container 500ml to store my salt and sugar. , I really like the smart and intuitive design of this Tupperware store container. This spice container is airtight, the lid is easy to open and spill-proof keeping the contents fresher longer. I like my container to be clear as I can easily check at a glance the amount that is left when I prepare my grocery shopping list.

Umami Collection spice container with lavender plant

Spice spoon design –The Umami Collection spice container come with a spoon not just any spoon but one that would smartly fit at the upper part of a Tupperware, a spoon rest where the spoon’s feet cling to keeping it clean and easy to access. You wouldn’t need to use your fingers to dig out the spoon from the condiments making it more hygienic. The spoon also has double-sided measurements, perfect for cooking or baking reducing the need of retrieving another cutlery to get the measurement job done. It is also curved reaches into every corner of the container, from top to bottom - No waste!

Umami Collection spice container  purple spoon  Umami Collection spice container  purple spoon side view

spoon resting at feet

The purple colour is vibrant are a treat for the eyes as it blends well in my blue-white kitchen well. I made a couple of labels from my brother label maker removing the hassle of guessing if it is salt or sugar. As I have four containers from the set, I used one for salt and the other three for brown and white sugar.

Umami Collection spice container  purple cover

Umami Collection spice container  purple cover side view

If you would like to make a purchase of these useful and durable spice containers you can contact the owner of Tuppylicious:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tupperwarebrandssg/

Tel:+65 9022 0464

ShopeeShe has good ratings on Shopee and is an Authorised Tupperware Dealer in Singapore, is friendly and helpful.